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Why do people who can’t ski well always try to turn while they are skiing down the mountain instead of just carving long, slow turns?

I often see people making short and quick turns when skiing downhill, while I tend to make longer turns, so I don’t quite understand why.

Reply from Brenda J.

For some skiers who are not very skilled, they tend to make short and quick turns rather than long and slow turns when skiing downhill. There may be several reasons for this. First, for those who have just learned to ski, their skiing skills and balance are not very good, so they cannot maintain balance at high speeds when going downhill, which is a common problem. Another reason is the fear of speed that some skiers have. When they feel the speed is too fast, they want to slow down, but it is often difficult for beginners, which can cause them to become more anxious after turning. There may also be problems with their ski equipment, which leads to frequent turning.

For most people, overcoming their fear of the slope may be the first lesson in learning to ski. Confidence is the most important thing, and even in the face of repeated falls, one can still ski with the best attitude.

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