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Which ski resort in Utah is the cheapest?

Recently I’m planning to go skiing with my friends near Utah. I want to know which ski resort in Utah is the cheapest, so that I can prepare and plan for my skiing in advance.

Reply from Brenda J.

Utah is a natural ski resort, and the prices are very affordable. For the super affordable price, the snow quality is also a good choice. In Utah, you can basically spend less than $100 a day to ski for a whole day.

Brighton Resort is the perfect choice for budget ski resorts. Every year, adult cable car tickets can be purchased online for $99 for a daytime time slot, and for the evening time, it only costs $49 to ski from 4 pm to 9 pm. The super affordable price and a lot of powder really make it the best choice.

Note that ski resort prices may also vary depending on the season, usually not too much fluctuation, especially during the holidays, the fluctuation may be greater. Skiing during this time may cost you more, and there will be many more people on the ski slopes than usual. If you are on a simple slope or preparing to take a cable car, you may encounter a lot of people.

Of course, if you not only consider the cost of buying tickets, but also the cost of renting ski equipment and itineraries, additional considerations are required.

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