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Where to Buy Used Ski Equipment

There is nothing more exciting than Skiing on the slopes. Whether you are a senior or a young person, after you have experienced it once, you will love it anyway. Skiing is an exciting and fun sport to enjoy with friends and family at the same time.

Skiing is a big investment because equipment and lift tickets are not cheap. However, if you ski four or more times a year, it is highly recommended that you buy your own ski equipment as well as ski accessories so that it is more cost effective. However, if you only ski a few times a year, it is recommended that you try renting ski equipment because it saves you money and you can try different ski equipment without having to worry about depreciation.

Online Stores or Websites

One of the finest sites to purchase and sell secondhand Skis is now online. For example, there are a ton of online sporting goods retailers and markets with a huge selection. Evo, Backcountry, REI Co-op, The House, and Amazon are some of these websites.

In addition to these online sites to buy from, you can also buy and sell on platforms like Facebook and eBay, even ski jackets and snowboards. If you don’t find the item you want on these sites, please post your purchase request, and other sellers will contact you when they see it!

Some Retail Locations or Ski Shops

Many sporting goods stores and local Ski stores may buy and sell used Ski Equipment, and you can also experience and touch Ski clothing and Skis for yourself!

They may sell on consignment and offer trade-in discounts. Each store has its own unique rules.

Be sure to check out multiple stores in your town. Each store will have its own inventory of Ski Equipment and each store will have different prices

If you really want to buy one, then I suggest you go to a few more stores, because different locations have different rents, and the prices of goods are also different

Your Local Ski Club or Resort

You can go to a Ski club or resort and buy, sell, and browse used Ski Equipment; the assortment here is usually very good!

This could be a great way to find some nice Ski Equipment at a reasonable price or find a good buyer for your goods.

Be sure to keep an eye out for news of such events, or feel free to contact merchants to find out if they are doing something similar.


Amazon is not the largest retailer of Ski Equipment, but Amazon is becoming more and more influential in the marketplace. Amazon’s prices for small items such as goggle helmets, gloves and socks will be very low, which can save you a lot of money, and Amazon also has a lenient return policy and professional customer service

Amazon’s Ski Equipment sales are usually high, and their high sales make the items have ratings with some quality reviews, which can be very helpful to users. We usually look for items that retail for less than $200 at Amazon because the deals are great in this price range

The House

The House is the place to go if you want to do some inexpensive Shopping. Their website might not be as simple to use as REI or Evo’s, but they consistently provide flash specials, reduced merchandise, and seasonal sales. Discounts on your gear bag’s current and previous season’s necessities, such as Skis, boots, bindings, helmets, and more, may be found here. Finding exactly what you need may require some effort, but their product descriptions and specs are detailed and clearly arranged.

It is worthwhile to take the time to visit their main showroom if you are nearby St. Paul, Minnesota. It has Ski Equipment as well as gear for other outdoor activities like biking and skating. The House is acceptable for returns and exchanges for 90 days following the date of purchase. Except for third-party retailers like Amazon, if a product is comparable and available at a cheaper price elsewhere on the internet, The House will match that price.

REI Co-op

They are the biggest outdoor Shop in the United States and are well-liked during the winter. Although it is now only available to members, REI is well stocked, well-liked by Skiers, and has a lot of high-end products. The one-year return policy is still one of the best because it is based on how satisfied you are with the product; therefore, if you try it and don’t like it, you can return it. It is getting harder to avoid paying sales tax on internet Shopping because REI has physical stores in 42 states and the District of Columbia. One benefit of ordering online and having a nearby business is that you can always pick up or return your order there and save money on shipping.

Due of their partnership model, REI is less likely to provide discounts at busy times. You receive 10% back on things with regular prices as a bonus if you are a member (lifetime membership is $30), which is equivalent to some kind of ongoing discount. available to members.


Evo is one of the best sites for Ski and snowboarding gear, and their site offers free shipping within the U.S. on orders over $50. Also, if you live near one of their retail locations – Seattle; Portland; Denver; Whistler, British Columbia; Salt Lake City; Snoqualmie Pass, Washington; Hood River, Oregon; soon to be Tahoe City, California – -You can order online and pick up at the store, saving you a lot of time

Sizing is always a challenge when purchasing Ski Equipment and clothing online, leading to either buying too big or too small. However, Evo has the best, most thorough sizing and buying guide, and their articles offer helpful tips covering everything from Ski boot sizes to a wide range of jacket styles. Additionally, they provide an excellent selection of discounted and used Equipment in addition to a reasonable return and exchange policy (as long as the product has not been used).


Backcountry specializes in pro and backcountry Ski gear with a large selection of powder and alpine touring Skis, boots and bindings. Also, Backcountry has a wide selection of Ski and snowboard textiles in a wide range of sizes. The Backcountry staff are very professional and when you ask them questions about your Equipment, they can answer your questions accurately and professionally and recommend the appropriate products.

Although the Backcountry website is user-friendly and simple to use, we wish their product details had been more thorough. As a result, we frequently turn to other websites (like Evo) for a more user-friendly website experience. Overall, though, Backcountry continues to be one of our favorite stores because of its continuously wide assortment, first-rate support staff, and dependable return/exchange policy.

Sideline Swap

SidelineSwap’s mission is to “make sports more affordable”. To do this, SidelineSwap connects athletes with used Equipment sellers so they can find great deals on new and used Equipment. In turn, sellers can turn their extra Equipment into cash.

Any sports related item can be sold on SidelineSwap. Items that are new, used or in any condition can be listed in exchange for cash. You can even sell clothing, sports-related electronics or accessories!

sellers on SidelineSwap are expected to keep their inventory up to date. SidelineSwap will follow up on any negative reports or low ratings if an item has been sold elsewhere or does not meet the conditions you advertise. If you are unable to create a positive experience for your buyers, you may be suspended from the platform.


Are 20 year old Skis still good?

Whether or not 20 year old skis are still good depends on several factors, including the quality of the skis when they were made, how they were stored and maintained, and how they were used.

If the skis were high-quality when they were made and have been well-maintained and stored properly, they may still be in good condition and provide a decent skiing experience. However, if the skis were low-quality to begin with, have been poorly maintained or stored in unfavorable conditions, they may not be suitable for skiing anymore.

It’s also worth noting that skiing technology has improved significantly over the last 20 years, so even if the skis are still in good condition, they may not perform as well as newer skis with the latest technology.

In summary, 20 year old skis may still be good if they were high-quality to begin with, have been well-maintained and stored properly, and are still suitable for the skier’s skill level and preferences. However, it’s recommended to consider purchasing newer skis with the latest technology for a better skiing experience.

Do old Skis have any value?

The value of Skis increases with age and length. Value is added by signatures, race logos, and manufacturer names. A wood Ski is typically preferred by those who purchase it for decorative purposes.

What do I do with old Skis?

To find out if any neighborhood organizations are accepting Equipment contributions, check with your neighborhood Ski Shop or resort. If your Equipment is less than ten years old and in good condition, this is a fantastic alternative. The fact that so many organizations accept gently used Equipment for youth programs makes kids’ Skis an especially great donation.

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