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What Ohysical Fitness is Required for Skiing

Recently, I heard that skiing requires specific physical attributes, which made me curious. I have been looking for a sport that is suitable for me, and I want to learn more about the physical requirements for skiing to ensure that I can participate safely in this sport.

Reply from Brenda J.

In fact, skiing is a very inclusive sport that tests the skills and endurance of skiers. The physical properties you mention are not that important. However, it is beneficial to have strong, powerful leg muscles that will allow you to spend all day on the slopes. Other physical attributes such as flexibility or better balance may also be beneficial, but they can be improved with study and practice. Just like obese people, there are others who are more flexible. Even if you are not very flexible at first, the ski resort has beginner learning areas where you can adapt and learn. But be sure to wear proper ski equipment such as snowboards, snowboards, ski boots, helmets, etc. to keep you safe.

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