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What Is The Process Of The Ski Resort’s Ambulance Service

Hello, I am planning a ski trip. If I am unfortunately injured during skiing, how long does it take for the ski resort ambulance service to arrive at the scene, I would like to know the specific process of the ski resort ambulance service. Thank you.

Reply from Brenda J.

It is recommended that you wear ski equipment before skiing and know the rescue service policy of the ski resort in advance. It is also recommended that you purchase medical insurance as well as ski insurance

Usually the process of rescue service in ski resorts is as follows.

Call the rescue number: Call the rescue number and inform the rescue personnel of your specific location and injuries.

Wait for help: The helper will go to your location based on the information you provide. Sometimes the speed of rescue services at ski resorts can be affected by weather, terrain and traffic, and may be slow.

Receive ambulance service: Upon arrival, rescuers will immediately assess your injuries and provide appropriate medical care.

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