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What is the most appropriate clothing to wear when skiing?

I’m about to graduate from college and go on my first ski trip, and I’d like to ask what kind of clothes are best for skiing and what clothes are best for taking pictures while skiing, and I hope to get a response soon because I can’t wait!

Reply from Brenda J.

If you’re skiing for the first time, it’s important to prepare ahead of time. Your body will sweat during physical activity, and skiing is no exception, so we need to choose clothes that keep our bodies warm and dry. We recommend wearing moisture-wicking base layers as the first layer, followed by a warm layer of clothing, and then a ski jacket on top (usually a ski jacket will have ventilation).

We recommend purchasing a ski jacket in a bright color, such as red, yellow, or green, as this will make you more noticeable in photos and can help rescue teams find you quickly if you’re unfortunate enough to be injured on the slopes.

Overall, wearing appropriate clothing is important for both the skiing experience and taking photos on the slopes.

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