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What Is The Elasticity Of Skis

Sometimes I wonder why cheap skis have poor elasticity, while skis used by ski experts seem to have good elasticity. Is it because they are more expensive or is it because of technical reasons

Reply from Brenda J.

The flexibility of a snowboard refers to the board’s ability to deform under force, which affects the speed, stability, and maneuverability of snowboarding and is an important factor in determining the performance of the board. Snowboards with lower prices are made of harder materials, have poorer flexibility, and are more difficult to control, while more expensive snowboards are made with advanced materials technology, have better flexibility, and provide better performance and comfort.

The flexibility of a snowboard is also affected by other factors, such as length, width, sidecut shape, and core material. When choosing a snowboard, one needs to consider personal skill level, preferences, and the terrain of the ski resort.

Expert snowboarders usually use more expensive snowboards, but price is not the only factor. Technical considerations are also important because expert snowboarders require higher levels of control and reaction speed, so they need snowboards that are more suitable for their skill levels.

So when we choose skis and other ski equipment, price is not the only deciding factor, we need to consider several factors to get a better skiing experience.

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