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What is the definition of skiing/snowboarding? Is it possible to ski/snowboard without turning the ankles at all (or doing any kind of movement)? If so, how?

I’ve been wondering whether it’s possible to ski or snowboard without moving my ankles at all. Are there any skiing techniques I need to learn, or do I need to reach a certain level of skiing ability to do this?

Reply from Brenda J.

Both skiing and snowboarding are downhill sports that require the body to work in conjunction with the ski board to maintain balance. However, in order to answer your question, it’s not possible to ski without constantly adjusting your body in various ways to maintain balance and stability. In other words, skiing is a dynamic sport that requires constant adjustments while in motion. So, the idea of skiing without any ankle movement is not feasible and could increase the risk of injury while skiing.

In summary, if you have this idea, it’s best to abandon it because it could increase the danger of skiing.

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