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What Is Skiing and What Can It Bring To Us

What Is Skiing and What Can It Bring To Us——Quick Read Guide

Skiing is a whole-body exercise that can enhance the body’s sense of balance, flexibility, and cardiorespiratory function; high-intensity skiing also requires professional skiing equipment. Even with the protection of the equipment, we may be injured or injured on the slope. When some unexpected things happen, you need to have a certain ability to deal with injuries.

Skiing is a sport in which athletes place skis on the soles of their boots to perform speeds, jumps, and drops on the snow. Skis are made of a mixture of wood, metal, and plastic. Skiing can be classified by sport as free skiing, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, snowboarding, and ski jumping. If this is your first time skiing outdoors, please read the beginner’s ski guide carefully, pay attention to safety, and also wear good ski clothing and ski equipment!

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The benefits of Skiing

Exercise balance

Skiing is a full-body sport that allows the nervous system to be exercised and improved in all aspects. Running is a great exercise for balance, coordination and flexibility while giving us the enjoyment of speed.

Move the joints

Skiing is good exercise for the head, neck, hands, wrists, elbows, arms, shoulders, waist, legs, knees, ankles, and other parts of the body, almost all the joints of the body—activating the stiff body and making the body more flexible.

Fat burning and weight loss

Skiing, running, and swimming, all forms of aerobic exercise, can enhance cardiorespiratory function. According to the test, a skier with normal speed consumes 734 calories in one hour, which is equivalent to the exercise consumption of running 9.5 km in one hour.

Treating the chain reaction of winter fatigue

Winter outdoor sports less, lack of exercise, easy to have winter fatigue chain reaction, Skiing, as a unique winter outdoor sport, can perfectly treat the “winter fatigue chain reaction”, especially in the snow speed on the track. The treatment effect is better.

What are the Skiing sports


It is bred and developed on the basis of alpine Skiing and is composed of three independent sub-categories: aerial skills, snow skills, and fun chase.

Cross-country Skiing

Cross-country Skiing, which originated in Northern Europe, also called Nordic Skiing, is one of the oldest sports in the history of world sports. Athletes skate through the wilderness with skis and poles in their hands.

Alpine Skiing

Alpine Skiing originated in the Alpine region, so it is also known as “Alpine Skiing.” Alpine Skiing is based on cross-country Skiing, which requires athletes to glide down from the top of the mountain through a gate made of flags.


Snowboarding is a snow sport in which a snowboard is used as a tool to ski down a defined slope or to jump in a special “U”-shaped field by virtue of a slope, completing various difficult movements in the air.

Ski Jumping

The athlete slides down the inclined slide of the ski jump with the help of speed and bouncing force, leaping into the air and landing on the slope after the whole body has flown in the air for about 4-5 seconds.

More competitive Skiing events

Biathlon Skiing, Nordic Skiing…

What equipment is needed for Skiing

Ski jackets

The colors are generally very bright, divided into competitive and touring suits; competitive suits are designed according to the characteristics of the competition; touring suits are mainly warm, beautiful, comfortable, and practical; the colors are generally very bright, mainly from the safety aspect.


skis are divided into alpine boards, cross-country biathlon boards, ski jumping boards, freestyle boards, and single boards. The longest ski does not exceed the height of my wrist when the arms are raised, and the shortest should not be shorter than the crotch. Beginners height plus about 5 cm can be.

Ski goggles

Ski goggles are divided into alpine goggles, ski jumping goggles, cross-country goggles, free goggles, and so on. Because the sunlight reflection on the snow is very strong, coupled with the cold wind in the slide, the eye stimulation is very large, hence the need for ski goggles to protect the skier’s eyes.

Ski Shoes

Ski shoes are generally divided into alpine shoes, cross-country shoes, ski jumping shoes, snowboarding shoes, etc. Beginners should choose light, flexible, and flexible ski shoes. Skiers with good skills can choose ski shoes that can tightly connect their feet with ski shoes as one.

Ski poles

Skiing is used to support the forward motion, control the balance, guide the change of direction, and support the body. They are generally divided into alpine poles, cross-country poles, and free-Skiing ballet poles. In addition to ski jumping, aerial skills Skiing, and snowboarding, other items are used with poles.

Skiing Tips

Learn to fall first

When you are about to fall, sit down to the left rear or right rear, never sit down in the front rear, place your hands on both sides, do not be pressed by the hips; hips on the ground, the steel edge of the snowboard will also scrape the snow, causing resistance, to stop the snowboard sliding.

Learn how to get up after a fall

Hips above, snowboard below, snowboard leaning together and merging with the slope at 90 degrees; use your hands to support your hips and body, squat on the snowboard and stand up, or you can put your poles behind you and use them to support yourself.

Learn to turn

Right turn, strengthen the pressure of the left foot snowboard on the snow surface, left turn is vice versa; turn, in addition to the pressure of the snowboard on the snow surface, the pressurized foot has the action of turning inward, the knee does not have the action of pressing inward, keep bending can.

Learn to turn around in the middle of a slide

Beginning to use the eight braking method to slow down to a certain speed, if you want to turn to the left, the body weight tends to the right foot, keep the snowboard parallel to the snow surface, you can open your arms to feel the gravity and direction at this time.

Skiing Notes


Understand the weather changes and choose a good time to play according to the recent weather changes.


The safety of ski equipment and lines should not be neglected.


It is best to wear lightly textured cold-proof clothing and cold-proof gloves, cold-proof shoes, and bring a few extra pieces of cold-proof clothing for backup.

Skin care

Bring some oily balm-based skin care products to prevent rough, dry and cracked skin.

Eye protection

You should prepare sunglasses to prevent the sunlight reflected from the snow from stinging your eyes.

Protective gear

Equipment, in addition to the necessary snowshoes, snowboards, walking sticks, Skiing, the most important is the helmet.

Ski Trails

To choose the appropriate ski trails according to their level, step by step, it is best to hire a ski instructor.


The temperature of the ski resort is low. If the joints and muscles are not active, it is easy to get injured when you come up to ski.

Common sense of ski safety

Protect your skin

You can use some oil-based skin care products that have the function of stopping the dissipation of water, and then apply sunscreen with good UV protection and water resistance on your skin every 2 hours.

Prevent frostbite

You should use cashmere products or chemical fiber products with good insulation effect to insulate the above parts, and when frostbite occurs, you should take correct measures to deal with it in time.

Choose Base layer shirts

You can wear a nylon undershirt with mesh, and then put a stretch cotton undershirt over it, so that the sweat from your body will be absorbed on the stretch undershirt through the nylon undershirt, and you will not feel cold.

Collective action

People should never go out Skiing alone, after the accident neither no one knows, and no one rescue, and do not slide out of the ski area boundary without permission, then you will not meet the ski area staff, and will not get rescue.

Act according to your ability

When you first come to the snowy field, you should first understand the ski field’s general situation, choose the appropriate ski trails, step by step, master the intensity of the exercise. It is best to hire a coach. During training they should listen to the coach and snow field staff arrangements and commands, to avoid accidents.

How to handle after Skiing injury

Frostbite treatment

In the event of frostbite, leave the snow field where the temperature is too low immediately, go to a warm rest room to change wet clothing and footwear, then soak the frostbitten area in warm water at 40° C and put on thick clothes to keep warm.

Eye Injury Treatment

When you go Skiing at ski resorts, it is recommended to wear professional Skiing glasses. Once the symptoms of snow blindness appear, never rub your eyes with your hands, wash your eyes with pure water or eye drops, then cover your eyes with soft medical cotton gauze and rest with your eyes closed.

Skin injury treatment

If there are abrasions and lacerations, immediately clean the wound, and then apply anti-inflammatory ointment or purple salve; for bruises and hematomas, you can use ice to stop the bleeding and anti-inflammatory; if the situation is more serious, it is recommended to immediately leave the ski resort to go to the hospital for treatment.

Bone injury treatment

In the process of exercise, because of the posture or beyond the mechanical amplitude of the body load, it is also very easy to fracture. Once the fracture phenomenon occurs, you should immediately stop action, find someone else to help fix the injured part, and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Muscle strain treatment

Minor muscle strains can reduce the amount of Skiing exercise, and timely rest; serious muscle strains, it is necessary to send to the hospital for treatment. It is recommended that you can do about 5 minutes of warm-up and stretching before Skiing can prevent strains.


Skiing is for the purposes of entertainment and fitness. Because the human factor constraints are very light, men, women, and children can easily and happily glide on the snowy field to enjoy the endless fun of Skiing.


Simply put, what is skiing?

Use skis to glide on snow or snowy mountains, while Skiing is also a combination of speed and art

What is the meaning of skiing?

Skiing can exercise and bring us happiness, and Skiing, at the same time, is a form of recreation, sports and transportation.

What are the three main types of skiing?

They are alpine Skiing, cross-country Skiing, free Skiing

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