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What is a Shell Ski Jacket

What is a Shell Ski Jacket——Quick Read Guide
The different types of ski shell jackets and the advantages and disadvantages of hard shell jackets and soft shell jackets. The shell material is usually synthetic fiber, which is highly waterproof and has been treated with a water-resistant treatment. Hard shell jackets mainly provide protection, can do a better windproof waterproof and breathable effect, while the tear-resistant effect is also very prominent, the disadvantage is that there is no warmth; soft shell jackets are soft, with extra warmth, waterproof is very good, while improving the comfort, the disadvantage is that can only be used in non-critical conditions.

As winter approaches, skiers must have a ski jacket shell that can withstand the cold. In addition, learning some ski jacket basics, such as three-layer wear, will help keep you warm all day while you ski. If you want to know the difference between a hard shell and a soft shell, read the full article below.

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ski jacket shell vs insulated

A shell ski jacket is simply the outermost layer of your jacket that protects you from the wind and water, usually without any added insulation. It’s like a jacket that keeps you protected from the wind and dry at all times, and it relies heavily on the middle layer as well as the bottom layer of clothing to maintain body temperature. If you’ve read the articles in the Ski Jacket 101 series, you probably know that usually the highest level of shell fabric is Gore-Tex fabric, which is very comfortable and allows you to move more flexibly. While it can also prevent water from soaking the internal clothing, it can also remove the evaporated heat from the body.

The insulated jacket can always provide you with warmth, which is very important for skiers. In cold ski resorts, you need to take the lift to the top of the mountain, which means you need to endure the cold wind and lift seats. An insulated, warm jacket will keep you warm even in freezing conditions, so it’s a good choice if you need to go skiing.

ski shell jacket men’s

SABRE men’s Ski clothes, designed specifically for the harsh outdoor environment, the use of wear-resistant and breathable N80p-X 3L GORE-TEX fabric, in the wind and waterproof is very good; hood adjustable design and will not block the user’s view of any, simple and smooth design to make you more comfortable activities more free.

shell ski jacket women’s

Flylow women’s triple shell ultra-lightweight ski jacket. 100% synthetic, triple insulated fabric with OmniBloq DWR (durable water repellent) coating/waterproof membrane up to 20K / 20K Waterproof Breathable Membrane, the highest waterproof available, so you can wear it without feeling bulky, ultra-lightweight as well as keeping you dry all day. Perfect for women beginners skiing in easy conditions.


GORE-TEX fabric is known to keep you dry and comfortable all day long, even though it can be more expensive compared to other waterproof membranes; nevertheless, many people choose it because it is waterproof like no other material.

What is the shell in a ski jacket made of?

The outer shell of most ski jackets will be made from nylon or polyester that has been treated with a Durable Water Repellency (DWR) coating. Many Snow Jacket will be insulated with a synthetic filling normally made from made from polyester fibres.

Hard Shells

A hardshell ski jacket is a jacket whose main function is to provide a protective hardshell against the weather and the wind. It repels water and expels sweat that evaporates from the body.We often say that jackets “breathe”, making your skin less clammy and sweaty when you’ve been active.

How they work

If there is water or snow on your shell, then it cannot enter the inside of your shell. This is because the special fabric and coating on the shell make the pores of the outer layer smaller than the water molecules, so the water molecules cannot go inside. At the same time, the sweat evaporated from the body can be well removed, which helps the bottom and middle layers to dry quickly, keeping you fresh all the time.

Hard Shell Summary + Pros & Cons

Spending a lot of money on a jacket that doesn’t insulate you might seem like a crazy thing to do, but once you understand how long it will last and how many uses it has, you’ll ease your worries away.

It can be used in a variety of occasions, such as skiing, resorts, outdoor research, etc. It has good air permeability and waterproof, which can keep you dry at all times. There are also lightweight, easy to fold, long life, plasticity, and built-in RECCLO technology.

Soft Shells

puffy jacket usually features only single-layer polyester or nylon face fabric and offers little protection,Soft shell, like its name, it is more soft. But it will actually be very different from the hard shell in terms of functional efficiency.

How they work:

Essentially, a softshell jacket is not waterproof, yet partially waterproof, but it is more breathable than a hardshell jacket. The softshell jacket is stretchy and it will keep you warmer than a hardshell. Its waterproofness will slowly cause it to get soaked if it encounters a lot of snow or rain.

The internal insulation captures the heat radiated from the body and maintains body temperature; it is breathable in the same way as a hardshell, but it will be better.

Soft Shell Summary + Pros & Cons

Softshells are better suited for skiing when the weather is sunny, such as mild spring days. The weather permeability of the softshell is excellent, and it is perfect for mountain biking, running, hiking, skiing, etc. in cold weather.

Layering with shell jackets

If you plan to go skiing for a whole day, usually the soft shell jacket can be worn according to the base layer, middle layer and outer shell, which can basically keep you warm all day on the mountain, if you finish matching , feel very hot, you can remove the middle layer.

When to use shell jackets

The beauty of a shell jacket is that you can use it anywhere, anytime. Your protection from the cold hinges specifically on your layering, If you’re cold, you can definitely keep adding layers inside until you’re warm.

Final Thoughts

Whether it’s a hardshell jacket or a softshell jacket, in my opinion if you are a skier, you need to have both because they are great for skiing and for everyday wear to keep you warm.


What is the point of a shell jacket?

A shell (or “hardshell”) jacket is your first layer of protection against wind, rain, and snow. Shell jackets forgo insulation in favor of versatility, simplicity, and weight savings.

What is Shell for a snow jacket?

Shell jackets essentially are a solid outer layer that protects you from wind and moisture, often without any insulation addedbe very lightweight. In other words, a shell jacket is there to keep you dry and block wind but is dependent on adding midlayers and baselayers for warmth.

Are shell jackets warm?

The warmest softshell jackets bond fleece to the inside of the jacket, offering almost as much warmth as a thin fleece jacket or synthetic jacket. The boost in warmth over a hardshell is nice if you want to only wear a baselayer beneath in cool temperatures.

Are all shell jackets waterproof?

Soft shells are still designed to shield from wet and wild weather, but—even though they’ll keep you dry in light rain or a sudden, out-of-nowhere squall—most true soft shells are not completely waterproof, as hard shells are.

Can you wash a shell jacket?

Use a soft sponge, warm water and a delicate detergent, and rub on the soiled areas. Let the detergent work for a while and then rinse thoroughly. Fasten all zips and Velcro fastenings. Put the softshell into the washing machine.

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