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What Facilities do Ski Resorts Provide?

I have a special winter vacation plan: skiing. Since this is my first time skiing, I don’t know what facilities ski resorts provide. I want to know if they have lifeguards, restaurants, and changing rooms, etc. What do I need to prepare?

Reply from Brenda J.

Basically, all ski resorts have basic facilities that can meet the needs of skiers, and below I will list them:

  • Ski slopes
  • Ski equipment shops
  • Restaurants
  • First aid station
  • Ski schools
  • Equipment storage lockers
  • Cable cars
  • Changing rooms

These may vary depending on the ski resort, but their functions are basically the same. If you are only skiing for the first time and have not yet decided to ski long-term, you can consider renting ski equipment from a ski shop, experiencing skiing first, and then deciding whether to buy equipment later.

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