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What Are The Selection Criteria For Snowboards?

I want to buy a snowboard for myself, but I don’t know how to choose the right one. Can you give me some advice on selection criteria?

Reply from Brenda J.

Before purchasing a snowboard, you need to understand that there are roughly three types of snowboards (all-mountain, park, and freeride), which correspond to different snowboarding styles and terrains (carving, jumping, halfpipe, freestyle, box, rail, and backcountry). All-mountain snowboards have decent performance in all areas, with medium speed and hardness. All-mountain boards are especially good for carving, jumping, and halfpipe riding. Park boards can make your day in the park more comfortable, and generally have twin tips, which means they are the same at both ends. They are slower in speed and have the softest hardness, making them more suitable for freestyle, box, and rail riding. Freeride snowboards have longer, wider, and thinner tips, and shorter, narrower, and thicker tails, making them the fastest and hardest of the three types.

When choosing the length of your snowboard, it should not exceed the height of your wrist when your arm is raised, and the shortest length should not be shorter than your hips. Snowboards are generally divided into freeride, backcountry, jumping, freestyle, and carving boards. Freeride boards are made of multiple layers. Longer boards are faster and more stable to ride, while shorter boards are slower and more prone to shaking, making them less stable. Generally, longer snowboards are more stable and suitable for high-speed riding, while shorter boards are more flexible and suitable for use in the park and on props. For beginners, it is recommended to choose a board that is 20cm shorter than their height. Based on their weight and preferred riding style, the length can be adjusted up or down by 3cm. For heavier riders who prefer to ride fast, it’s best to choose a board that is longer, while lighter riders who prefer to ride smooth boxes can choose a shorter board.

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