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What Are The Groups Of People Not Suitable For Skiing?

As a beginner skier, I want to know what are the groups of people not suitable for skiing. Are there any age or health-related restrictions?

Reply from Brenda J.

Skiing is a high-intensity sport that is different from daily leisure activities like running. Although it has strong inclusiveness, it is not suitable for everyone, such as:

  1. Children, especially those with fever or cold, should not go skiing. Young children should also be accompanied by their parents when skiing. Children who are just learning to ski should choose a practice area, but wear ski equipment correctly, and wear protective gear on elbows, knees and other body parts to avoid falls.
  2. Elderly people should be cautious and rest when skiing. They should also be accompanied by coaches or family members to avoid accidents. They should also warm up adequately before going on the slopes to avoid sports injuries. Moreover, if they are too old, they should not go skiing, as it may be dangerous.
  3. People with high-degree vision impairment, corneal disease, or glaucoma are not suitable for skiing. Skiing at high speeds makes it difficult for people with vision impairments to see other skiers or obstacles, increasing the likelihood of body collisions and accidents. However, they can choose skiing goggles that can accommodate their glasses.
  4. People with certain diseases should not go skiing. If they do, they should be cautious about the skiing time, especially those with hypertension and arthritis. They should avoid steep slopes on the ski runs. Moreover, if they feel uncomfortable, they should stop skiing immediately to avoid making their condition worse. In summary, one should not risk their health for the sake of skiing enjoyment. This is a responsibility to oneself and others.
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