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What Are The Criteria For Choosing Ski Gloves?

If you are preparing to go skiing, you will need to buy a pair of gloves. To choose the right ski gloves, it is important to understand the selection criteria.

Reply from Brenda J.

Ski gloves, also known as skiing gloves, are mainly used for outdoor exploration and skiing. They are different from everyday warm and decorative gloves. Due to the specific purpose of ski gloves, they must have certain functions, namely waterproof, breathable, and hand protection. Since ski gloves are worn with ski suits, their style and color should also be coordinated with the ski suit.

The main function of ski gloves is to absorb sweat, prevent slipping, breathe, and protect the palm and wrist. Sweat absorption, breathability, and anti-slip are interdependent. Breathability depends on the material and size of the ski gloves. Hand protection is mainly reflected when falling – skiers often use their palms to contact the ground to slow down, and without ski gloves for shock absorption, this action can easily cause palm abrasions and serious damage to the joints.

For novice skiers, the requirements for gloves are not very high. If you are using a snowboard, you may not even need to consider wear resistance. I recommend paying attention to the following points:

  1. Does it have a strap that can be attached to your hand? This is useful when using your phone or riding a lift.
  2. The gloves should fit well and not be too loose or too bulky. For snowboarding, the use of snow poles is also important.
  3. Waterproofing is important as falling is inevitable in skiing, and you may subconsciously grab the snow, especially in advanced terrain. This will test the waterproof and wear resistance of your gloves. However, if you are skiing on beginner or intermediate slopes, your gloves are unlikely to come into contact with the snow.
  4. The price of ski gloves should not be too low. If they are too cheap, they may not last through a full ski season.
  5. When it comes to warmth, it is not recommended to choose gloves that are too thick as this may affect your hand movements.
  6. In terms of material, it is generally better to choose gloves with leather on the palm and fingers, as they are more durable.

Finally, you can also consider your own style and preferences to determine your ski gloves.

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