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What Are The Common Incorrect Positions In Skiing

My husband has recently become obsessed with skiing, but he has been practicing for a long time or often fall, and after wearing ski equipment, the skiing action does not look very smooth, I would like to ask the skiing experts, what are the common mistakes of skiing, so that I can let my husband correct the mistakes in time

Reply from Brenda J.

Skiing is a high-risk sport, so it’s essential to have the proper posture and technique for skiing. If your skiing posture is incorrect, it can be very challenging to correct once you’ve become skilled.

Incorrect standing posture: The skiing standing posture is crucial, and if it’s incorrect, it can lead to an inability to balance and control the skis. Common incorrect postures include tilting the body backward or forward, insufficient knee bend, and unstable upper body posture. To correct these incorrect postures, you should try to keep your body upright with proper knee bend, shoulders, and hips parallel, and your weight centered between your feet.

Turning is not smooth: Proper turning technique can make skiing more fluid, but many people make some mistakes. Common missteps include not turning the body enough during the turn and having an unstable posture. To correct these mistakes, you should keep your body tilted downward during the turn and use your thigh muscles to control your skis so that they cut into the snow, allowing you to complete the turn more smoothly.

Untimely steering: Many people tend to panic when going downhill, which can lead to untimely steering and loss of balance. To avoid this, you should stay calm and plan your turns and downhill routes in advance to avoid danger.

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