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Expert Tips for Washing Ski Gloves: A Must-Read Guide for Skiers

Ski gloves are great for providing warmth and protection for your hands. Properly cleaning and storing ski equipment at the end of the ski season not only helps to keep them in better shape, but also extends the life of the ski equipment.

In winter skiing, whether skiing or snowboarding, ski gloves are an important part of the many pieces of equipment. They allow you to avoid the cold in cold conditions and keep your hands warm at all times; they play a vital role in ski pole grip and snowboarding grip.

You may not have encountered a situation where your gloves have become smelly and dirty from days of skiing, so keeping them clean is also crucial. The following will take you through how to clean and maintain your ski gloves.

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Types of ski glove materials

When it comes to cleaning ski equipment, it is necessary to talk about ski gloves. Ski gloves are an indispensable accessory in skiing, and it is functional gloves. In different occasions need different effects, so the type of ski gloves material is also diverse; more common materials, wool, cotton, polyester, nylon, leather, etc., and some high-tech fabrics such as Gore-Tex. different types of materials will be slightly different, for example, warm and breathable wool is not as waterproof and windproof as polyester.

Comparison of ordinary gloves and ski gloves

CharacteristicsRegular GlovesPremium Ski Gloves
WaterproofAbsorb water on contactRepel water, ice, and snow
WarmthKnit fabric has large gaps that can’t resist strong windsTight, waterproof, windproof material with plush or cotton
DurabilityRisky for grabbing snowAs durable as bulletproof vest fabric
BreathabilityKnit fabric has large gapsfresh air allowed

Ski glove cleaning preparation materials

  • Ski gloves that need to be cleaned
  • Warm water: water temperature control about 35 ℃, you can remove the odor on the gloves; do not use hot water, it will lead to the destruction of the material
  • Neutral detergent: used to clean gloves, materials or grease on them, and will not damage the material and coating
  • Clean towel or soft brush: wipe the surface of the glove
  • Waterproofing spray: How do you know if the waterproofness has decreased? You can feel some wetness on the fabric on the liner when skiing normally

Notes on cleaning ski gloves

Use neutral detergent: The biggest difference between neutral detergent and ordinary laundry detergent or other detergents is that it is good at maintaining the integrity of the item after washing.

Use soft items to wipe the surface: Hard items tend to scratch the coating of the gloves.Do not machine wash: Using a machine wash will probably damage the waterproof coating on the ski gloves and reduce the waterproof effect.

Special attention to the lining: most people in the washing ski by, for convenience, after cleaning the exterior, did not carefully clean the lining, need to turn over carefully clean.

Do not expose to the sun or wringing: the best way to dry is to place in a flat, cool and ventilated place, natural drying. Both exposure to the sun and wringing out can cause damage to the gloves.

Do not wash frequently: Each wash will cause the coating to break down at a rate that is invisible to the naked eye, and frequent washing will reduce the way the gloves last.

Washing ski gloves step by step

At the end of the ski season, you should wash your gloves thoroughly and dry them first. Regarding the cleaning of ski gloves, the steps are as follows:

  1. Put warm water in the basin and add neutral detergent; the water temperature can be touched by hand, the water temperature will not feel hot and you can start.
  2. with a soft brush dipped in a small amount of detergent in the glove gently brush until the clean surface.
  3. Turn the water cover over and brush it after dropping a small amount of detergent on it.
  4. soak the gloves in warm water for about five minutes, so that the detergent is fully absorbed, and then gently rub until no stains are washed out again.
  5. full rinse, not rinse clean gloves, dry, will leave traces of laundry detergent, very ugly, no one will want to wash again.
  6. after the end of washing, you need to lay flat in a cool and ventilated place to dry, do not expose to the sun and impose heavy objects, will damage the coating.
  7. very happy for you, you have successfully completed the task of cleaning.

Seemingly simple treatment, but in fact, it still requires careful and meticulous operation to ensure that the cleaning does not damage its performance and service life.

It should be noted that different fabrics will have some different cleaning methods, it is best to check the cleaning methods provided by the manufacturer.

Taking care of your ski gloves

Generally worn when skiing, although not every time after skiing back, you need to clean gloves, but at the end of the snow season, clean gloves storage is necessary. The following are the areas that need attention for maintenance:

Ski gloves shrinkage: wrong washing method and wrong drying method can cause ski gloves to shrink several times. Correct washing and maintenance is the best way to reduce the shrinkage of gloves and prevent shrinkage. Can not use hot water, the water temperature should be controlled at about 35 ℃, can not be a long time soaked in detergent, can not be exposed to the sun, can not dry, the best way to use hand washing, in the drying, pay attention to the flat in the shade.

Ski gloves hard: sometimes we clean the ski gloves will appear hard phenomenon, so we will be uncomfortable to wear, hard gloves will rub hands. For this problem, we first understand the cause of this phenomenon, in the process of drying to completely dry, has been maintained in the same state.
The solution is: re-softened with warm water, placed in a cool, ventilated place to dry; drying process requires every few hours, gently pat or gently rub, so that the lining fabric to restore some fluffiness, completely dry will not have hardened situation occurs.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, take care of your ski gloves, use the right methods to take care of them and keep them away from moisture, fungus and mildew. It will protect you for some time to come and allow you to enjoy a comfortable ski trip.


Can you wash ski gloves in the washing machine?

It is usually not recommended to machine wash ski gloves, as the friction in the drum of the washing machine is beyond human control; if you must wash them in the washing machine, use a gentle mode and use a laundry bag or ball to prevent direct contact between the gloves and the drum, and do not tumble dry them.

How do you dry ski gloves after washing?

Never put them in the sun or in a humid bathroom because the heat will damage the waterproof coating; and a humid bathroom will make your gloves smell musty and unpleasant after drying, which I’m sure you don’t want.

Should you wash snow gloves?

Regularly washing your ski gloves is a must, depending on the situation, different ski conditions, ski types, and ski intensity may affect.

How do you dry ski gloves overnight?

To dry ski gloves quickly, you can try the following methods:
1、Use an electric fan to blow against the gloves
2、Use warm air to blow evenly inside, you can turn the gloves inside out, do not put the air outlet to the same place for a long time.
3、Put them outside or inside in a well ventilated place

Can I put waterproof spray on my ski gloves?

When you feel that the waterproofing of your gloves has been damaged, it is possible to restore their performance by using a waterproof spray.

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