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Top 15 Popular Ski Resorts in Canada

Top 15 Popular Ski Resorts in Canada——Quick Read Guide
This article introduces 15 of the most popular ski resorts in Canada, including the more famous Big White Ski Resort. We’ve given you the details and unique features of each resort. There is Whistler Blackcomb, which is famous for its largest range, and Lake Louise Ski Resort, which is famous for its soft snow powder, to help you read and understand ski resorts faster.

A snowy Canadian winter is a mysterious world of snow and motion. With ten mountain ranges next to each other, stretching from the Rockies westward to the Pacific Ocean, B.C. is one of the best Ski and snowboard destinations in the world, and the quality of snow, dry, light powder and unique mountain terrain make it no shortage of epic Ski Resorts. Whether you want to race the blistering winds across the white desert, wash away your fatigue in a warm pool, or travel freely through the wooded snowfields, these 15 Ski Resorts of all styles are waiting for you to explore!

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Whistler Blackcomb

In winter, Whistler’s rolling hills are covered in snow. With an average annual snowfall of 11 meters, the towering Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain make it the largest snow and ice playground in North America. Whistler Blackcomb is not only one of the world’s Most famous Ski Resorts, it was also the venue for the Skiing events of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. The snow season here is long and beautiful, and from November to May, you can swim between the worlds. The two peaks of Blackcomb and Whistler stand side by side, connected by the world’s largest unsupported PEAK 2 PEAK Transalpine Gondola, which runs a world record 436 meters above the ground. The epic heli-Skiing, Ski-in/Ski-out forest huts and a wide variety of activities add to the fun.

Sun Peaks Resort

After Whistler, Sun Peaks Ski Resort is the second largest Ski Resort in Canada, but no less famous than Whistler. Sun Peaks, as its name suggests, is known for its sunny weather, with up to 200 days of sunshine a year, which also produces huge amounts of powder snow. 138 Ski runs of varying degrees of difficulty, 13 Ski lifts, and Ski-in/Ski-out resorts allow you to enjoy the speed and excitement. The snow-covered cedar forests and the Sun Peaks Snow Trail, which goes straight into the clouds, also outline the Most magnificent scenery in North America in front of the world.

Big White Ski Resort

With its abundant snow and ice resources, Canada has never been short of Top-notch Ski Resorts. Big White Mountain Ski Resort is not only Canada’s Highest Ski Resort (2,729 m) and the largest night Ski Resort in Western Canada, it is also one of the Most family-friendly Ski Resorts in Canada. It’s a wonderful world of unobstructed access, where Skis are the only way to get around in Canada’s largest resort with direct Ski-in/Ski-out access. With 119 marked trails, 16 lift lines, 5 powder bowls, and evergreen trees covered in snow and ice crystals as far as the eye can see, it’s a beautiful fairy tale world like Frozen.

Lake Louise Ski Resort

Lake Louise Ski Resort, located in Banff National Park, is the birthplace of Canadian Skiing and has been named one of the “Ski Resorts of a Lifetime” for its breathtaking scenery and the world’s fluffiest and softest powder snow. The legendary 4,200-acre Ski area is also the largest snowboard resort in Canada, with 164 runs of varying levels spread across four peaks. Whether you’re Skiing through the beautiful pine forests or to the Top overlooking snow-covered Lake Louise, you’ll never forget the fun of Skiing in the Rockies in winter.

Mt. Norquay Ski Resort

For Skiers, Banff is definitely one of the Top Ski destinations with a great experience. Norquay Mountain is the closest of the three major Ski Resorts in Banff to the town of Banff, where many Banffites may have had their first Skiing experience in their lives. It is also the only night Ski Resort in Banff Park, where the lights of Banff town and the beautiful stars in the night sky create a glamorous and romantic scene at night. While Skiing, you can also take a gondola ride overlooking the town and valley of Banff, with the frozen bubble lake and the beautiful sunset, you will definitely feel that you have made the trip worthwhile.

Banff Sunshine Village

As one of three world-class Ski Resorts in Banff National Park, Sunshine Village is a “best of” and “first of” many. It is the only resort in Banff that can Ski-in and Ski-out; the first Ski Resort in Canada to allow snowboarding; the first Ski Resort in Canada to install heated lift seats; and the Highest altitude and Longest Ski season in Canada, where Skiing is still possible when spring is in full swing down the mountain. It is also the Highest Ski area in Canada and has the Longest Ski season. The best powder snow in the country – champagne powder snow – has made countless Skiers flock here like pilgrims.

Kicking Horse Mountain Resort

Nestled among the towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains, Basehor Mountain Resort has one of the largest vertical runs in the Canadian Rockies and is one of the leading training grounds for Canadian Skiers. 120+ trails offer a variety of options and challenges for all levels of Skiers, and the excellent mountain Skiing conditions and dry powder snow make this resort unique. But the Most exciting part of the resort is the Hawkeye Restaurant (2,347 metres above sea level), the Highest restaurant in Canada, where you can enjoy a great meal and a great view after Skiing.

Blue Mountain Resort

Nestled between the scenic Blue Mountains and the rugged Georgian Bay, Blue Mountain Resort is Ontario’s largest and Most popular Ski area, with 36 trails catering to Skiers from beginner to expert levels and the Highest views of the Niagara Escarpment. With the largest and Most complete snowmaking system, the Ski area is a Ski paradise in times of snow shortage. As a four-season destination in southern Ontario, you can enjoy the flowers in spring, the beautiful beach sunsets in summer, the red maple leaves in autumn, and the relaxing outdoor hot springs in winter, in addition to the exciting Skiing.

Mont Tremblant Ski Resort

Mont-Tomblon is known as “the best Ski Resort in Quebec,”  with 102 Ski runs spread over a variety of terrain. With a wide range of fun winter activities, it is a huge snow adventure paradise, and with its exquisite resort and spa, the Mont-Tomblon Ski Resort has won Ski Magazine’s best Ski Resort award for many years. The village’s Le p’tit Caribou is known as one of the “best Ski bars in the world” and is an important part of the region’s nightlife, where the dopamine secreted by drinking and Skiing is perhaps the real joy.

Mont Sainte Anne Ski Resort

Located in the eastern suburbs of Quebec, Mont Sainte-Anne is a work of nature and a year-round paradise for outdoor activities. In winter, it is the best snow park in Quebec City, with 19 of the resort’s 71 quality trails available for night Skiing. In addition to the famous downhill Skiing, if you don’t want to have the regret of “not knowing the true face of the mountain, but being in the mountain”, board the gondola and enjoy the beautiful view of the St. Lawrence River.

Apex Mountain Resort

With pure powder snow, great weather, and incredible terrain, Apex Mountain Resort is arguably one of B.C.’s hidden treasures, having been named “best Small Destination Ski Resort” by Ski Canada Magazine. There are both slopes for beginners and steep, narrow runs that welcome advanced Skiers to take on the challenge. In addition, the abundance of fun activities like hockey, snowshoe walks, snow tubing, and cross-country Skiing is like being at a winter carnival.

Kimberley Alpine Resort

Surrounded by the Selkirk and Rocky Mountains, Kimberley Alpine Resort is known for its consistent snowfall, abundant sunshine and no queues for the lifts. It is one of the training bases for the Canadian Ice National Team, and gliding through the backcountry’s rolling forest snow is like being free to travel between heaven and earth as the Rocky Mountains unabashedly reveal their breathtaking beauty. Under the sky, on the Longest illuminated night trails in North America, romance and passion under the stars will be played out here.

SilverStar Mountain Resort

Silver Star Alpine Resort is a unique town that retains the style of the early mining era western pioneers, with snow-capped Victorian-era buildings that feel like a fairy tale from the last century. The resort’s 132 trails, paired with four very different mountain faces, have progressive terrain perfect for beginner Skiers, while the steep black diamond and double black diamond trails that dot the landscape also cater to the more advanced adventurers. Also, the diverse winter fun activities and affordable accommodations make it a great choice for the whole family.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort

With the Longest lift-accessible vertical Ski run in North America (1,713 meters), Revelstoke Mountain Resort seems to be built for adrenaline. The varied alpine terrain and 75 trails are perfect for intermediate to advanced Skiers who want to push their limits. In addition to the thrilling experience of downhill and alpine Skiing, you can also experience the fun of track Skiing, heli-Skiing and cross-country Skiing at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, which is sure to thrill many Skiers all winter long!

Red Mountain Resort

As one of the first Ski Resorts in North America, Red Mountain Resort dates back to the 20th century; as one of the largest Ski Resorts in North America, it has 3,850 acres of Skiable terrain and a huge area of pristine, undeveloped snow; and as a key sTop on Canada’s famous Powder Highway, the powder here is addictive and dreamy. Red Mountain Resort is known for its diverse and challenging terrain, including Granite Mountain, which has a rare 360-degree drop, meaning you can Ski from all four sides, making Red Mountain Resort a popular destination for Skiers.


Canada is a winter sports paradise with numerous skiing beauties, and no matter where you choose to ski or snowboard in Canada, you’re sure to have a great time. So what are you waiting for? Check out these amazing ski resorts in Canada now!

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Where is best to Ski in Canada?

  1. Whistler Blackcomb
  2. Sun Peaks Resort
  3. Big White Ski Resort
  4. Lake Louise Ski Resort
  5. Mt. Norquay Ski Resort
  6. Banff Sunshine Village
  7. Kicking Horse Mountain Resort
  8. Blue Mountain Resort
  9. Mont Tremblant Ski Resort
  10. Mont Sainte Anne Ski Resort
  11. Apex Mountain Resort
  12. Kimberley Alpine Resort
  13. SilverStar Mountain Resort
  14. Revelstoke Mountain Resort
  15. Red Mountain Resort

Which is the biggest Ski Resort in Canada?

Whistler Blackcomb Mountain Resort is the largest ski resort in Canada, with the largest ski resort in all of North America, 26 ski lifts, over 200 trails, 16 wide bowls, and year-round unmelting snow at the top of the mountain, it’s a powder lover’s paradise.

What 3 provinces of Canada are popular for downhill Skiing?

British Columbia and Alberta in the west, and Quebec and Ontario in the east

Which Canadian province is best known for snow Skiing?

With ten mountain ranges next to each other, stretching from the Rockies all the way west to the Pacific Ocean, British Columbia is one of the best ski and snowboard destinations in the world. The quality of the snow, the dry, light powder, and the unique mountain terrain also make for the existence of a number of quirky ski resorts that crazy skiers crave.

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