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The Best Ski Backpacks of 2023

Whether you are a novice skier or an expert skier, you will need a ski backpack, one of the most prominent parts of your ski equipment. Ski backpacks offer many benefits, such as comfortable and secure weight distribution during ascent and descent; storage of convenient avalanche rescue tools such as shovels and probes.

The ski backpack is a must-have ski accessory because of its very high capacity and waterproof fabric, as well as unique design features including pockets specifically for goggles and snow gear, and external ski or snowboard straps. As well as a built-in, deployable airbag to improve the safety of our skiing.


Tips for Buying a ski Backpack

Consider what kinds of ski trips you’ll use it for

Each backpack serves a different purpose, so before you get one, consider how you will use it in the future, how big of a ski backpack you need, whether you will wear a helmet or a ski jacket, etc. Knowing the many sorts of backpacks will be useful while selecting the best one.

Will the backpack fit your equipment

Before buying a ski backpack, you should double check that it fits your ski equipment, such as whether it has a compartment for goggles, straps for hanging your helmet and straps for carrying your skis, capacity to fit your ski jacket, etc.

Check the warranty

A good quality backpack will last a long time, but even a good backpack will wear out over time, and long-term use will cause it to become less waterproof or break, so pay attention to the warranty business before you buy and check the warranty, whether it’s a lifetime warranty or a limited warranty, and you’ll end up with a product that gives you peace of mind.

The best ski backpacks of 2023

1.Backcountry Access Stash Backpack

The new BCA Stash 30 ($180) has a waist belt that slides up and down for a personalized fit. When you’re skiing in the backcountry, the adjustable feature puts the pack lower on the hips, lowering the center of gravity as well as protecting the cervical spine.

The new Stash 30 is a favorite of athletes who push the limits in remote areas. Thanks to a soft molded foam construction, the flexible frame panels shield your every move. The rear panel also consists of seven geometrically shaped pods that are separated by half-inch air channels.

Horizontal channels increase airflow and allow the pack to flex with your every movement. The waistbelt flanks have about an inch of clearance, so the pack will automatically adjust as you walk or ski.

 2.Black Diamond Cirque 22 Vest

The Cirque 22 ski Vest combines the functionality of our time-tested ski packs with on-the-go features of skimo and ultra-running packs. From pre-work dawn patrols to long fast objectives, the Cirque Vest keeps all the essentials close at hand while remaining sleek and unobtrusive. Features like the diagonal ski carry and crampon/skin pocket mean the vest stays on during transitions.

At 22 liters, the vest can be configured as a single compartment or divided top to bottom. Removable diagonal ski carry and helmet carry further allow customization for the objective at hand. A perfect companion to the Cirque skis, this pack is the backcountry skiers who want to move fast and light in the mountains.

3.Black Diamond Dawn Patrol 32

Our go-to pack for all-weather, big-backcountry treks is Black Diamond’s Dawn Patrol 32, their all-purpose touring pack made from 100% recycled body fabric. Black Diamond has emerged as a key player in remote ski equipment. Your avalanche safety supplies are kept in an accessible snow safety pocket, and a large insulated shoulder pocket may accommodate a radio, soft water bottle, or water bottle tube.

The zippered rear panel entry and snug suspension of the backpack provide a rippling shape and snug fit, and they also make it simple to put on and take off. The pack is equipped for technical mountaineering expeditions with external attachment points for skis, snowboards, helmets, and ice picks.

4.Patagonia SnowDrifter

The SnowDrifter 30L from Patagonia is a genuine showstopper. Access to the main compartment, a designated goggle/accessory pocket that won’t be squashed when the pack is full, and a sizable waistbelt pocket is provided by a full-zip rear panel. A large U-shaped zipper at the top allows access to the secondary main compartment, and there is also an external helmet carry. Additionally, there is an avy tool section with handy sleeves for organizing safety equipment. The pack’s ability to maintain its shape even when empty is an important feature that helps you stay organized when changing activities.

If you enjoy the convenience of a casual day trip, the Patagonia alone has a more sturdy design, and the SnowDrifter 30L is a great option for your needs.

 5.Mammut Nirvana 25

On many aspects, The Gallatin Peak ($265) excels. The fabric is the strongest we’ve ever seen, to start. TPU coating on 840 denier nylon offers it great water resistance and added toughness against cutting skis and abrasive pebbles.

The big zipper head (and zipper) are strong and suitable for gloves. Additionally, there is a useful color-coded zipper. The snow safety panel has a red pull tab that prevents fumbling around in an emergency.

The Gallatin Peak has ample space to accommodate equipment for short multi-day expeditions or hut trips. There is around 40 pounds of load cushioned by heavily padded waist and shoulder straps. Some of our masochist test subjects gained weight, but you’ll move more quickly because you’re lighter.

6.Mountain Hardwear Powabunga 32

To support the load comfortably, the frame is built of sturdy, flexible steel. To reach the main chamber of the pack without complete disassembly, the pack swings around for convenience. We like that the design allows either back or front panel access.

The pack moves with you as you climb hills thanks to the ergonomic, padded waist belt that is also swivelable. For avalanche tools, there is a separate front compartment as well as a waistbelt pocket.

For durability, the Powabunga is comprised of a lightweight 500-denier Cordura nylon blend. The big, top-to-bottom side pocket with a zipped closure that stretches and is perfect for a holster, bottle, or glove is one of our favorite features.


When buying a ski backpack, it is important to have a good buying strategy. A good ski backpack contains the following features: ski backpack with large capacity, light weight, comfortable to carry, waterproof, strong and solid, compartments to store ski clothes, and also to carry skis.


What size backpack is good for skiing?

Any volume from 0–20 liters is suitable for use at ski resorts or while riding. 20–35 liters are suitable for touring in variable weather conditions. If you are camping, then 30-55 liters should be considered.

Should I buy a ski backpack?

Whether you’re going backcountry skiing or biking, it’s important for you to have a backpack that holds your essentials like clothes, food, water, gear, etc.

Is a 40l backpack big enough for Travelling?

40 liters is enough for most users, but it’s recommended that you don’t carry a backpack that’s too big during your trip because it will be heavy and will interfere with your activities

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