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Should I Take Lessons Or Go Up The Mountains With Some Friends Who Are Good At Skiing

I’m new to skiing but my friends are good at it. Should I let my friends teach me or sign up for ski lessons and have an instructor teach me?

Reply from Brenda J.

As a beginner skier, it is recommended that you sign up for skiing lessons to learn skiing techniques and the correct posture from professional instructors. Skiing with friends can be fun, but if your friends are not professional ski instructors, they may not be able to provide you with the correct and comprehensive guidance, and their skiing techniques and posture may not be optimal.

In skiing lessons, professional instructors will provide you with comprehensive guidance on skiing techniques, so that you can learn skiing in the shortest possible time while also protecting your safety. In the lessons, you can learn basic skiing techniques, correct posture, how to control speed and balance, and how to protect yourself in emergency situations. Wearing proper ski equipment, such as skis, boots, and poles, is essential for your safety and learning experience.

Of course, skiing with friends is also a good experience that allows you to learn skiing techniques in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. If you choose to ski with friends, it is recommended that you choose an appropriate skiing difficulty level based on your abilities, wear a ski jacket to keep warm and protect yourself from the cold, and take the correct self-rescue measures in emergency situations.

If you want to learn skiing quickly and ensure your safety, it is best to sign up for skiing lessons and receive guidance and training from professional instructors. If you choose to ski with friends, make sure that you both have some skiing experience, maintain caution and safety, and wear appropriate ski equipment.

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