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Should I Buy Boots And Skis Before I Take Lessons

I signed up for a beginner ski lesson. Will the ski resort provide boots and skis? If not, how do I choose between buying and renting? I’m having a hard time deciding, so I’d like some expert advice

Reply from Brenda J.

If you sign up for beginner ski lessons, that means you’ll need boots and skis for every lesson. Ski resorts often offer rentals of boots and skis or other ski equipment, but rental fees can be high, and you can’t guarantee that the equipment you rent will be suitable for your fitness and skiing level. Therefore, if you plan to ski multiple times, or want a better skiing experience, buying your own boots and boards may be a better option.

When buying or renting skiing boots and skis, please choose a professional ski shop where the staff can provide you with professional advice. In addition, make sure to try them on to ensure that they fit your feet and body well and that you feel comfortable. If you rent skiing equipment, you should also check their condition and safety to ensure that they will not cause any problems during use.

Finally, if you plan to ski multiple times, buying your own skiing boots and skis may be a better choice.

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