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Renting vs Buying Ski Clothes

Renting vs Buying Ski Clothes——Quick Read Guide
rental ski suit
Advantages: Convenience, budget saving for short-term planning, and multiple styles can be replaced.
Cons: Sanitation issues
buy ski suits
Pros: Ability to find the best fit for you, save money on long-term ski plans.
Cons: Expensive, requires frequent maintenance

As we all know, ski wear is a kind of clothing used for skiing. It looks good to wear and is warm, waterproof and has some breathability. It is very popular and many people often wear ski jackets. So, do you want to rent or buy a ski jacket? Take a look at it specifically!


Ski Clothes Rental Pros

  • Convenience:Being able to order an assembled suit online and have it shipped directly to your destination, with many different sizes to choose from for the whole family, eliminates the need to travel with heavy ski clothing and reduces backpack weight!
  • Less money upfront:You can spend a dozen dollars or so to experience the feel of a ski suit first, and then buy it if you feel right. If you fall in love with the sport, then it is still recommended that you buy a ski suit of your own!
  • Try out different brands/products:You can try different brands and models, with many options to choose from

Ski Clothes Rental – Cons

  • Skiwear styles are old:The style may be three or even five years ago, the performance of the equipment may not be able to keep up with the latest products
  • Health issues:The same Ski Jacket may be worn by many people, whether it has been washed or not, it will leave more or less sweat and smell, which is likely to make you contract skin diseases
  • Cost increase:The longer you rent, the higher the cost, if you rent for a long time, your rent is already enough to buy a brand new Ski Jacket

Ski Clothes Purchase – Pros

One and done:Unless you’re a growing little guy, your snow gear will last you for years to come.

Get exactly what you want:You can buy any brand, style and size you like, but they are expensive and you have to make sure they fit

You’ll save money in the long-run:If you ski a lot, buying ski clothes is undoubtedly the most cost effective

Skip the Wait:Buying clothes is easy, just like renting clothes is easy. Imagine grabbing your outfit, getting out of bed, and being ready for your morning adventure. You’ll spend less money on Rental fees, pay less for shipping, and spend more time outside.

Ski Clothes Purchase – Cons

More Money Upfront:One-time Purchases can be expensive and may make short-term cash flow difficult for you

Difficult to maintain:Improper storage can reduce the life of Ski Jackets, and if they get dirty or broken they are costly to repair.

Who is suitable to buy ski wear

Buy ski wear suitable for people who are not short of money, ski more, and mind wearing clothes worn by other people. People with these three characteristics then it is recommended to buy them, because ski wear will be cleaned by the staff after the Rental return though. But some people can’t get over it psychologically, so they are obviously suitable to buy.

What to pay attention to before you buy


The breathability of the jacket is important to allow sweat to escape through the fabric of the jacket. No one wants to feel cold, wet, or sweaty in the mountains or outdoors.


He most important part of a Ski Jacket is the ability to keep you dry. Waterproofing is the ability of a jacket to prevent water and snow from seeping inside the jacket. Also one of the most important features of a Ski Jacket is its waterproof outer layer. This will help you stay dry and warm even on snowy days!

Ski clothing how big suitable

Although ski wear need to buy a large one, but do not be too big, if the usual clothes are XL size, then buy XXL can be, too big is not good. Of course the best way to combine their own body size selection, the principle is the large one can be, because the inside will be with thermal underwear and protective gear to wear

What kinds of Ski Jackets are available?

Ski Jackets on the market can be divided into three main categories, namely shell, insulated and 3-in-1, so you can choose the best product within your budget. The most popular Ski Jackets are the shell type, which can be used for both casual vacations and sports in cold and wet conditions, the insulated type is the best choice for skiing and keeping warm in winter, and the 3-in-1 jacket is more friendly for people on a budget or beginners.


Decide whether to rent or buy ski clothes based on personal circumstances. If you ski frequently and mind wearing other people’s clothes, it’s better to buy ski clothes. On the other hand, if you ski occasionally or rarely during the year, and don’t mind wearing someone else’s clothes, renting would be better. Renting or buying is not suitable for everyone. If you have enough money and budget is not an issue, buying your own ski clothes might be better. After all, you can choose your favorite style, color, and matching.


Do I have to buy ski clothes

You don’t need expensive, fancy ski clothes for your first skiing trip. As long as you have a turtleneck, a sweater or a fleece jacket, and some sort of thermal pants (but no denim) to wear underneath your winter jacket and waterproof snow pants, you should be warm enough. A pair of winter gloves is also a good idea.

Do we really need Ski Jackets

A good Ski Jacket is necessary and comes with padded insulation or is made of waterproof “hardshell” material. Look for clothing with a “snow skirt” that ties at the waist and a pocket on the wrist where you can keep your elevator pass.

What not to wear when skiing

Jeans, because they are not made of flexible material, and it is not warm and not waterproof, if it gets wet, you will be very uncomfortable

Why skiers should wear tight-fitting clothes

A slimmer fit allows for a more aerodynamic shape. The tighter fit also helps insulate and keep air close to the body.

Can I wear a regular jacket for skiing

It is strongly advised against wearing a “normal” jacket while skiing or snowboarding, regardless of experience level. Unlike “normal” jackets or winter coats, which are only meant to keep you warm, Ski Jackets are made to be strong, wind- and water-resistant, breathable, and warm.

Is an expensive Ski Jacket worth it?

It’s worth it, because an expensive Ski Jacket is often of good quality, fully functional, adaptable to most areas and weather, and can be worn for a long time

is it worth buying your own Skis

There is no one definitive answer to this question. For me personally, it is worth buying my own Skis because I love skiing and I feel that having my own Skis allows me to enjoy the sport more. Additionally, I feel that it is important to have your own Skis so that you can be sure of their quality and performance.

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