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Recco Reflector

Recco Reflector – Keeping you safe while skiing outdoors

When you buy ski accessories, you may notice the Recco logo on some products, and your ski jacket may have Recco embedded in the back of the hood. So what exactly is Recco? Why is it on outdoor equipment? Does a small piece of Recco really work? These questions may be lingering in the back of your mind, so read on as we delve into this topic.

1.What is Recco Reflector?

Recco Reflector is a small, passive, battery-free transponder, similar to the size of a Band-Aid. Inside the Reflector are tiny diodes that reflect the RF signal from the detector. The Recco Reflector requires no electricity or batteries and is widely used in snow gear, clothing and footwear.

It consists of two parts, a detector and a Reflector. 30 years ago, the first RECCO system weighed about 16 kg; today, the detector is about 1 kg and the Reflector has been reduced to the size of a Band-Aid. In an avalanche accident, rescuers can use the special detector to transmit signals and search for avalanche-buried or lost people through the Reflector, greatly improving the efficiency of search and rescue.

2. Where does RECCO® come from?

RECCO® is a company of Swedish origin, founded in 1983. The idea for the RECCO® system originated from a tragic avalanche accident in Åre, Sweden, in 1973. This unforgettable experience led founder Magnus Granhed to develop a technology that uses electronic signal transmission to locate victims and casualties, thus making the job of finding them easier. Technology has been widely used in skiing, mountaineering, hiking and other outdoor sports. More than 800 ski resorts and mountain rescue organizations around the world are now using RECCO® and approximately 2,000 detectors.

3. How does RECCO® work?

The RECCO® system consists of two parts: the RECCO® detector and the RECCO® reflector.

The RECCO® reflector is a small, passive reflector that is a non-powered device, maintenance-free and has a virtually unlimited life. It can be affixed to equipment or placed in protective gear such as clothing, boots, and helmets. When rescuers scan the area with search and rescue radar equipment, the reflector reflects back signals of specific frequencies so that rescuers can receive and decode these signals through the search and rescue radar equipment to locate the location of the trapped person.

And when used in conjunction with a RECCO® detector, the reflector’s diode mixer acts as a harmonic generator to generate multiples of the frequencies received from the detector. Once the signal is detected, rescuers can proceed directly to the location of the buried reflector, a process in which the returned signal is converted to audio with a volume proportional to the returned signal.

4. Brands that use Recco

RECCO is now integrated into over 200 brands of products. It is important to note that these companies may only use Recco technology in some of their product lines, so it is best to check if the product has a Recco system before purchasing. The following are some of the brands that use Recco technology

1. Arc’teryx

2. Black Diamond

3. Burton

4. Columbia

5. Mammut

6. Norrona

7. Oakley

8. Patagonia

9. Salomon

10. The North Face

5. Recco’s highlights

1.Weight less than 4g

2. Unlimited life span

3. No need to replace or recharge

4. No loss of signal strength

5. Maintenance free

6. The search range is 200 meters in airspace and 30 meters in snow

6. Does Recco work the same way globally?

Yes, Recco works the same worldwide, whether it’s in Europe, North America, South America, Asia or elsewhere. Recco technology works the same and therefore can be used worldwide. Recco technology has been widely used in various outdoor sports, such as skiing, climbing, hiking, mountain biking, etc., and has become one of the standard tools of search and rescue teams around the world.

7. Do my skiwear and bindings have RECCO® in them?

If your skiwear and protective gear has the RECCO® label on it, then they are most likely equipped with RECCO® passive reflectors, however, not all skiwear and protective gear is equipped with RECCO® passive reflectors, so you will need to double check your equipment to determine if it is fitted with this technology. You can look for the RECCO® logo or related product information on the label or manual of your skiwear, protective gear or equipment, or contact the manufacturer or seller directly for advice.

8.Recco Video Introduction

The video vividly demonstrates the advantages and application scenarios of RECCO® reflectors, providing more reliable safety for those who love outdoor sports


The RECCO® Reflector is a reliable passive radar technology that can provide important assistance to outdoor enthusiasts and rescuers. It has the advantage of being small, lightweight, easy to use and highly reliable, and can help rescuers quickly search for the location of stranded people. However, it should be noted that the RECCO® reflector is only an auxiliary search and rescue tool and cannot replace traditional search and rescue methods and equipment, so it is still necessary to follow safety regulations and prepare adequate equipment to maximize your safety during outdoor activities.


1.What is the weight of Recco reflector?


2.Which brands use RECCO?

1. Arc’teryx

2. Black Diamond

3. Burton

4. Columbia

5. Mammut

6. Norrona

7. Oakley

8. Patagonia

9. Salomon

10. The North Face

3.Will the Recco interfere with avalanche rescue beacons?

According to the official RECCO® company statement, RECCO® reflectors do not interfere with avalanche rescue beacons. In fact, avalanche rescue beacons and RECCO® reflectors are two different technologies that differ in their operating principles, frequencies and signal transmission.

4. Can I put the RECCO reflector in my pocket?

Placing the reflector in your pocket may affect its reflectivity and accuracy, as the reflector needs to be properly angled and positioned to be captured when the detector is scanned.

To maximize the effectiveness and reliability of your RECCO® reflector, it is best to embed it in specially designed equipment, such as a RECCO® reflector, skis or protective gear. This will ensure that the reflector is correctly positioned and secured, thus maximizing the efficiency and success rate of search and rescue.

5. Has RECCO ever saved a life?

Yes, RECCO® technology has saved lives in a number of skiing, mountaineering and other outdoor sporting accidents. RECCO® has assisted in hundreds of search and rescue operations since 1983, many of which have ended successfully with rescuers finding trapped people while using RECCO® detectors. These successes include accidents on ski slopes, hiking, skiing, rock climbing and paragliding, among other sports.

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