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Is The Ambulance Service At Ski Resorts Free Of Charge

I’m ready to go on a ski trip, but I’ve seen some people on the internet teasing that the ambulance service at ski resorts is particularly expensive. Is this true for all ski resorts, I’m worried about this and hope to get the right answer

Reply from Brenda J.

Usually, the ski resort ambulance service is charged. For example, the ski resort has to pay salaries, training fees, ski equipment and other costs, but different ski resorts may have different regulations. Ski resorts usually set up special ambulance stations with professionally trained medical staff to provide medical services, such as first aid, bandages, oxygen delivery, etc.

It should be noted that you may need to purchase your own insurance for some high-risk sports. In addition, if you require a higher level of medical care, such as emergency transportation to a hospital for treatment, additional fees may apply.

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