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I’m Still Recovering From My Injury. Should I Start Skiing Now Or Wait Until I’m Fully Recovered

I broke my hand skiing last month and it hasn’t fully healed yet, but I want to go skiing again. Should I wait until I’m fully healed and then go skiing again?

Reply from Brenda J.

Skiing is a sport that requires coordination of various body parts, including the hands. If you go skiing before a wound on your hand is fully healed, it may cause greater damage to your body if problems arise. If you really want to go skiing, you can consult a doctor first. The doctor may advise you to wait until your hands are completely healed before skiing, or provide measures to protect your hands, such as wearing ski equipment to shield your hands from the cold, or a ski jacket with extra padding to prevent any further injury to your healing hands. You can also consider engaging in lighter activities at the ski resort, such as taking a cable car to enjoy the scenery, avoiding high-risk activities to protect your hands. In any case, your health should always be a top priority, and you should not engage in high-intensity activities until your body has fully recovered.

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