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I Have Problems With My Knees/Back/Shoulders …… Can I Still Learn How To Ski

I had a car accident when I was 22 years old, which caused my shoulders and back to be different from normal, and I get tired when I exert myself slightly. Can I still learn how to ski

Reply from Brenda J.

Learning how to ski is a fun and challenging sport. However, before starting to learn, if you have any knee, back, or shoulder issues, you need to consider whether these issues will affect your physical health and performance while skiing.

Skiing may cause additional pressure on your knees if you have knee issues, and it may worsen back or shoulder pain or cause injury if you have issues in those areas.

If you have any physical issues, it’s best to consult with a doctor before skiing. Additionally, before skiing, you can do some preparatory work, such as strengthening your body through exercise and improving your posture to reduce the burden on your body.

Overall, learning to ski can be a fun and challenging sport if your health permits, but it is important to take proper precautions, such as wearing ski equipment like a ski suit, and learning under the guidance of a professional.

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