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How To Prevent Accidents When Skiing

I skied once many years ago, when there was not so much skiing equipment, but now there are more and more types of skiing, and it is more and more dangerous. Besides wearing good skiing equipment, what else can we do to prevent accidents when skiing?

Reply from Brenda J.

1.In addition to wearing ski equipment correctly, the following methods can greatly reduce the risk of accidents while skiing.

2.Prepare in advance: Know the local weather and ski resort conditions in advance of your trip, and prepare proper equipment and medicine.

3.Call for help on time: If you encounter difficulties while skiing, seek help as soon as possible.

4.Practice hard: Practice controlling speed and direction before skiing, practice makes perfect.

5.Follow the rules: Follow all the rules and signs of the ski area, especially the speed limit and undulating paths, do not pass others at will and do not cross the ski slopes at will.

6.Pay attention to your surroundings: pay attention to the skiers and ski facilities around you and do not collide

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