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How To Clean Gore Tex Ski Jacket

A good waterproof ski jacket should be waterproof, and GORE-TEX is known for making the most windproof, waterproof and breathable fabrics, and you can find their logo on all kinds of outdoor products.

With daily wear and use, our GORE-TEX ski jackets get dirty and smelly, but just because they get dirty and smelly doesn’t mean they can’t be worn. following our GORE-TEX Washing Guide to properly wash and care for your ski jacket can extend the life of your jacket. not only is GORE-TEX durable, breathable and waterproof, but it’s also easy to maintain.


What is gore-tex?

In essence, GORE-TEX can be defined as a highly durable, breathable, waterproof and windproof fabric. Commonly found in high-end technical jackets and pants

In short, Gore-Tex is a material that repels liquid water while allowing water vapor to pass through. This means that Gore-Tex not only keeps you dry when it rains, but also allows you to remove water vapor and stay comfortable and dry when you sweat!

Gore-Tex is used to make high-performance clothing such as ski rain jackets because it is not only waterproof, but also windproof. gore-Tex clothing is expensive, but it is well worth the price because it has special qualities that most ordinary fabrics cannot match.

Does grease Ruin Gore-Tex Jackets?

grease molecules may get caught in the fibers and pores of your Gore-Tex jacket when they come in contact with it, which can leave your Gore-Tex jacket severely damaged by grease.

Gore-Tex jackets are susceptible to damage from grease because the fibers tend to draw the substance into their pores when they come into contact with grease. As a result, grease-filled pores in specific areas of the jacket will prevent air from entering and leaving the body, potentially preventing your Gore-Tex fabric from staying dry.

To ensure that grease does not damage your Gore-Tex jacket, you should remove grease from your jacket as soon as it is soiled.

Does grease Come Out Of Gore-Tex Jackets?

Using the correct treatment, grease stains may come off your Gore-Tex jacket, but they may leave a dark color on your Gore-Tex jacket

grease is soluble in alcohol, which means that topical alcohol can be effective in removing grease stains from jackets. In addition, detergent or washing-up liquid can also be effective in removing stains

If the grease residue on the Gore-Tex has solidified, you can heat it to melt the grease into a liquid state, then absorb it with absorbent paper towels.

Benefits of Washing GORE-TEX

Regular use of Ski Jackets can cause dirt, grease and oil to build up, which can affect performance. If left unattended, this wear can cause the DWR to stop working properly or wear out completely, but washing can remove the residue and reapply the DWR coating

How To Remove grease From Gore-Tex Jacket

To ensure that you have a better chance of effectively removing the stain, always make sure to remove the stain as soon as the Gore-Tex garment is stained and before the stain has set in the fabric.

1. Laundry Detergent

Please be aware that not all laundry detergents can get grease out of jackets. To effectively work on grease molecules and remove them from your jacket, only detergents based on enzymes or with degreasing properties should be used.

1.Use a blunt object, like a spoon or an old credit card, to gently scrape away any grease that is visible on your Gore-Tex jacket. The grease must be eliminated in order to prevent the stain from spreading to other areas of the jacket after treatment.

2. Clean the oil stain with detergent. Use different amounts of laundry detergent depending on the size of the stain. One teaspoon of laundry detergent should be enough for most stains. For more visible stains, you may need to use more than a teaspoon.

3. Using a soft bristle brush or an old toothbrush, gently brush the detergent into the fibers of the Gore-Tex jacket until a lather forms.

4. Allow the detergent to set in the fibers of the jacket for at least five minutes

5. Wash it in the washing machine as you would normal clothes

6. After the Cleaning cycle, the jacket needs to be air dried. Avoid drying the jacket in the dryer to prevent any stains from setting and becoming permanent.

7. Verify that all stains are gone once the jacket is dry. If there are still stains, repeat the procedure.

2. Rubbing Alcohol

Topical alcohol is also known as isopropyl alcohol. You can remove grease from a Gore-Tex jacket by soaking the stained part of the jacket in topical alcohol.

But how does topical alcohol remove grease from a Gore-Tex jacket? As mentioned earlier, oil is soluble in topical alcohol. Therefore, the lipids in the grease will dissolve in the topical alcohol, thus removing the grease from the fabric.

Although most Gore-Tex jackets will not be damaged by topical alcohol, you should always field test topical alcohol on a small portion of the jacket to verify that the topical alcohol will not discolor the jacket.

1. Place the Gore-Tex jacket on a flat surface.

2. Soak a sponge with topical alcohol.

3. Lightly pat the oil stain with the sponge soaked in topical alcohol. Be careful when soaking the stain with the rubbing alcohol as you do not want to spread the grease to the rest of the jacket.

4. Continue soaking until the stain is thoroughly saturated with the rubbing alcohol.

5.Soak the stain in the rubbing alcohol for at least 15 minutes.

6. Rinse the stained part of the jacket with warm water.

7.Check and make sure the stain is completely removed.

8. Wash the jacket in the washing machine.

If the oil stain on the jacket is large and stubborn, soak the stained part of the jacket in topical alcohol for 30 minutes. After half an hour, scrub the stain with a soft bristle brush and rinse well with warm water.

3. Dish Soap

Although this is the most difficult of the three methods to remove grease from Gore-Tex jackets, it is also the most effective.

Detergents contain surfactants, which are essentially chemicals that reduce oil and fat stains and then lift them off the surface, allowing for washing away. This is why detergent is the most effective method.

Here’s how to Clean grease stains from Gore-Tex jackets using dishwashing detergent.

1. Dab the stain with a few drops of dishwashing detergent. Ensure that the detergent is in contact with the entire oil stain.

2. Gently rub the soap into the stain using a soft-bristle brush. If you don’t have a brush, you can work on the stain with your fingers.

3. After thoroughly Cleaning the stain with the detergent, rinse it with warm water.

4. Air dry the jacket, allow it to dry, and then inspect it for stains.

5. If you discover a stain on the jacket, repeat this procedure.


We recommend regular laundering and DWR applications to keep you warm, dry and comfortable on the mountain.


How do you get stains out of Ski Jackets?

Please refer to the three methods in this article, using laundry detergent, alcohol and detergent Cleaning

What takes grease out of a jacket?

Laundry detergent, alcohol and detergent will remove the grease from your jacket and also keep your jacket comfortable and dry

Can you get grease stain out of puffer jacket?

If you have stains on your down jacket, please spot Clean or pre-treat it first before washing it more thoroughly. We recommend washing with laundry detergent, alcohol as well as detergent, followed by scrubbing with a soft brush and soap.

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