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How to Choose The Size of Ski Boots?

My 14-year-old son loves skiing, but he grows so fast that he outgrows a pair of ski boots after only a year of use. I wonder how kids and adults choose the size of ski boots

Reply from Brenda J.

14-year-old children are growing their bodies. When buying equipment such as ski jackets and ski boots, you can consider buying slightly larger ones so that they can last longer. Choosing the right ski boot size is critical to both skiing safety and experience. If the shoe shape is too large, it may affect the stability of the shoe when wearing and exercising, and it is easy to fall down during jumping; if the shoe shape is too small, it will cause the wearer to experience symptoms of discomfort in the legs and ankles, and reduce the speed of sliding.

For kids and adults choosing ski boot sizes, I have the following tips:

Measure your foot length: Before buying ski boots, you should measure your foot length so that you can choose the right size.

Wearing comfort: Because skiing is a fast sport, fast sliding and jumping, there are certain requirements for comfort.

Try on comparison: Each brand size will be different. When choosing ski boots, you should try on comparison, in order to choose suitable ski boots.

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