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How Should I Choose Ski Pants?

My cousin wore jeans for skiing last time, and although he wore base layers inside, he still got a cold. I want to know if you must wear ski pants for skiing and how to choose ski pants

Reply from Brenda J.

Jeans, like denim jackets, are less elastic, tighter and less convenient to move around in, while jeans are not waterproof or breathable, so snow water will seep into your cousin’s pants and make him catch a cold.

Ski jackets and ski pants are best used together, they use similar materials as well as functions. Choosing an unsuitable ski pant can lead to colds, cold aches, eczema and affect your skiing experience. Therefore, ski pants are an absolute necessity. Here are the factors in choosing ski pants

1.Warmth: The most important function of ski pants is to keep you warm, so warmth is the first element in choosing ski pants.

2.Waterproof: During the skiing process, ski pants may be affected by the infiltration of snow, so waterproof is another factor in choosing ski pants.

3.breathability: during the skiing process, the body will sweat. If the ski pants are not breathable, it is easy to cause wet heat, which is not good for the body.

4.elasticity: skiing requires a lot of movement. If the ski pants lack elasticity, it is not conducive to skiing activities.

5.Wind resistance: ski pants with poor wind resistance can easily lead to cold wind penetration, affecting the skiing experience.

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