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Fleece-Lined Bomber Jackets for Winter Sports

Fleece-Lined Bomber Jackets for Winter Sports——Quick Read Guide
How did the previous pilots resist the cold environment at high altitude, how did the B-3 jacket come about, and why there was a B-6 jacket later, and how the pilot jacket gradually entered into daily life through improvement; if you want in-depth Please continue reading the article.

Speaking of jackets, aviator jackets have been popular for decades. They are like walking hormones, revealing a purely manly vibe inside and out, but they take on different personalities at different times. This season, the styles appearing are more like old-fashioned flight jackets. Here’s a look at the bomber jacket.

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Why it was born

When you talk about pilot jackets with your friends, we usually think of flight jackets designed specifically for pilots, such as the A-1 and G-1, and many people usually refer to them as bomber jackets. But the B-3, which was born later than them, was actually the jacket designed specifically for the high altitude cold air flight needs of bombers.

The B-3 was not for pilots, but was first designed for bomber gunners.

Because the early aircraft is open cockpit, there is no glass cover, and the aircraft to straight to more than 20,000 feet high, so that the cabin temperature is much lower than the ordinary flight cabin, so in 1934, the U.S. Army, taking into account the need to block the wind to keep warm, specially designed a thicker, warmer B-3 leather jacket. The applicable temperature can span from -30℃ to 0℃, so it can be seen that the cold resistance performance is extremely strong.

The B-3 is made from high quality natural sheepskin with wool, which simply means the skin and wool are one piece; this leather treatment process removes the sheepskin along with the wool and then processes it. The leather is processed in such a way that the length of the wool is basically the same, retaining its soft, dense, breathable and warm properties to the maximum. Secondly, the wool and leather are also very strong, improving durability.

With the introduction of enclosed cockpits in bomber cabins, the heavy B-3 jackets were no longer suitable for front cabin pilots, and the modified B-6 lightweight jacket became the replacement.

The B-6 is a model that falls in between the lighter weight A-2 flight jacket and the heavier weight B-3 flight jacket. It uses the same sheepskin as the B-3, but both the sheepskin and wool are thinner and shorter. However, the B-6 outfit did not become as widespread as the A-1, G-1, M65 and other jackets and only appeared for a brief period in military jacket history.

How about a bomber jacket

If I had to pick a favorite, I would probably choose the aviator jacket without hesitation. The material would have to be leather, with a classic short length and lapels. The leather shell greatly enhances the waterproof performance, even in the high-speed cold wind can be completely resistant. Wearing it out is very much an eye catcher, and almost no other clothes are more adaptable to men of all colors than aviator jackets, both in appearance and performance.

A bomber jacket is fully lined with SHEARLING wool, which is like a comfortable, warm wool carpet with incomparable warmth. Since it is a military item, it was designed and manufactured to pursue the best performance in use, so no cost was spared in its previous production.

In addition to the high quality cashmere used for the lining, the same cashmere material is used for the cuffs.

If the bomber jacket is a daily winter sport , there should be no other option to compare, retro design in appearance can make you look handsome, even in the cold winter standing still, but can also provide you with long-lasting warmth, can be said to be a very good choice for winter daily and sports.

The Bomber Jacket Now

Today, pilots no longer need the extremely heavy bomber jackets, they have moved from military use to civilian use. As a civilian bomber jacket, it is a bit different from a typical military jacket. The insulation is made of a lighter and thinner chemical fiber material, making it more suitable for everyday wear. The bomber jacket is arguably the most hassle-free jacket for both men and women who hardly have to worry about wearing it inside. It retains the short style of the past, so all you need to do is pair it with a t-shirt or hoodie and you’re ready to go straight out.

Final Thoughts

Bomber jacket spring and autumn daily and sports standing piece, even in the cold winter reasonable layering method can also have a good effect.

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Can we wear bomber jacket in winter?

The jacket can be worn in winter, and is very suitable for many people should have flight jackets, flight jackets in winter, you can choose a thicker style on it, now many flight jackets are made of a variety of materials, such as cotton, down and other materials, in winter wear is very suitable.

What’s the difference between a parka and a bomber jacket?

The main difference between a parka and a bomber jacket is that a parka has a hood, while a bomber jacket does not have a hood.

What is the purpose of a bomber jacket?

In the old days, pilots needed to wear jackets to withstand the cold at high altitudes, so they needed to wear a thicker garment to resist, and so the bomber jacket was born, so the bomber jacket is a thicker material, which is also very soft to the touch, and looks more fashionable on the body.

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