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Fabric Care Symbols: The Ultimate Expert Guide

In our daily lives, or at the end of the ski season, we have clothes that need to be washed or cared for, they are either stained with sweat or stains; when we are faced with these washing and care tasks, we want the end result to look beautiful, fresh and long lasting.
Have you ever been in a situation where a coat that ski cost you a fortune is not machine washable? Or maybe one of your beloved garments was ruined in the dry cleaning? Actually, you are not the only one who has doubts.
Luckily you are reading this article and I can teach you how to properly interpret the labels on your garments.Whether it’s ski jacket care or other clothing care, it can seem arcane until you know how to decipher it, once you know how to decipher it, it all makes sense. Let’s get started!

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Introduction to Fabric Care Symbols

What are Fabric Care Symbols?

Fabric Care Symbols are a type, or rather a complete set, of pictograms that are often used on fabrics that need to be cleaned to illustrate how to clean and care for them.

Why do you need them?

Fabrics are made of different materials or structures, so when they are made into items such as clothing, they will have certain characteristics; washing the garment in the wrong way is likely to result in the structure being damaged; therefore, manufacturers usually sew wash labels on the inside of the garment during production, and these symbols can help you understand how the garment is to be washed, to maximize the life of the garment when washing, and to ensure the appearance/color integrity. and the integrity of the appearance/color.

How to find and understand them

Usually there is a wash label on the inside of the garment, or on the tag; some businesses use written instructions, which can usually be found on the official website. The symbols themselves are universal, regardless of the country.

Washing Symbols

Washing, its icon is simplified to a bathtub filled with water, keeping this in mind, let’s start identifying the logo.

Washable symbol, machine washable, no other markings, can be washed in any condition

At or below 30°C, this temperature is basically a cold water wash. (It should be noted here that the table markings may differ in the US, where a dot may be used to indicate “•”, and the same will not be detailed in the following.)

Wash in mild water at or below 40°C. (The United States indicates the use of two dots “••”)

Washing in 50℃ or below, very mild water. (The United States indicates the use of two dots “•••”)

Wash in hot water at or below 60°C. (The US indicates the use of two dots “••••”)

Can only be hand washed, in any water temperature.

Water washing is prohibited, you can check the dry cleaning instructions.

It should be noted that only a maximum of six dots are indicated and will not exceed 95°C.

Drying Symbols

There is a circle in the square that indicates tumble drying.

Drum drying symbol

Drum drying at low temperature

Drum drying at medium temperature

No drying

In addition to drying, there is natural drying and they are usually square outer frames.

Dry Symbol

Hang to dry in a well-ventilated place

Lay flat on a dry surface to dry, e.g. on a shelf

Drip dry naturally, usually for clothes that tend to be less malleable, such as wool sweaters.

Dry in a dark, ventilated place, out of direct sunlight

Hang to dry in a dark, ventilated area out of direct sunlight

Hanging flat to dry in a dark and ventilated place, avoiding direct sunlight

Drip dry naturally in a dark and ventilated place, avoiding direct sunlight

Ironing Symbols

The label has the logo of an iron, it means that it is possible to iron up to three levels, each with a different specified temperature.

Ironing symbol

Low temperature ironing at about 110°C

Medium temperature ironing, the temperature is around 150℃

High temperature ironing, the temperature is around 200℃

No ironing, usually natural drying

Bleaching Symbols

The triangle warning sign is usually indicated as whether bleach is allowed.

Bleach symbol, any bleach is allowed

Chlorine bleach is allowed

Use of non-chlorine bleach

Bleaching with bleach is prohibited

Bleaching with bleach is prohibited

Dry Cleaning Symbols

The circle symbol indicates whether or not it can be dry cleaned.

Dry cleaning

Not dry cleanable

The above are some common signs, more in-depth understanding of the meaning of these symbols, you can find a few pieces of clothing out, using real cases to decipher the symbols together meaning.

Final thoughts

Overall, a proficient understanding of the meaning of these symbols can help you to take better care of your clothes. Using the correct method for different clothes or fabrics according to the different symbols required can greatly reduce wear and tear, and can maintain the integrity and quality of your clothes for a long time.

Figure legend

Here are some examples of the illustrations I have provided, I will place the correct way to answer the question at the bottom of the article, so that you can easily interpret it completely through your own understanding.

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Example 5

Example 1 Solution

Can be dry cleaned, not water washed, not tumble dried, not ironed.

Example 2 Solution

Can be hand washed or machine washed at any temperature, bleach can be used, natural drying is allowed, and tumble drying is not allowed.

Example 3 Solution

Hand wash or machine wash in cold water, non-chlorine bleach is allowed, ironing at low temperature is allowed, tumble drying is not allowed, and hanging in a ventilated area to dry is required.

Example 4 Solution

Hand wash only, do not use bleach, hang dry naturally, and do not use an iron.

Example 5 Solution

Washing is allowed, dry cleaning is allowed, tumble drying is allowed at low temperature, natural drying is allowed, and ironing is allowed.

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