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ski gloves

Do you know the 10 tips for buying ski gloves?

Ski gloves are an essential part of skiing accessories that not only protect your hands from the cold and moisture, but also provide additional protection and are better used with ski jackets to make skiing safer and more comfortable. In this article, we will look at the types of ski gloves, their functions, how to choose the right ski gloves, and some suggestions for use that need attention.

1.Why you should wear gloves when skiing

If your hands are too cold, you will not be able to move your fingers, making it difficult to handle poles, buckle boots, zippers, wear goggles, etc. In extreme conditions, you may even get frostbite.

It was warm enough to keep our hands warm so that my hands could move smoothly. And in the middle of snowy mountains, there are all kinds of hand injuries. Slipping and hitting trees, falling on skis, rubbing your hands with coarse snow, cutting your hands while putting on and taking off bindings, etc. You need to protect your hands from injury.

In order to keep your hands warm and protected on snowy mountains, gloves must have the following elements. To protect your hands, they must be strong enough to resist external impacts, i.e., the surface material must be durable. And to keep your hands from getting cold, the glove’s construction is designed to keep you warm, the material itself is highly insulating, and it contains a waterproof material that prevents wet water from penetrating from the outside.

2.What types of ski gloves are there

The shape of ski gloves varies by brand and type, but the following are some common shapes.

1. Gloves: These gloves are similar to traditional gloves and are more flexible than linked finger gloves, with each finger having a separate area that wraps around the entire palm and wrist.

2. Mittens: These gloves have fingers sewn together, similar to a fold between a glove and a mitten. The opening between the fingers is usually larger to provide better dexterity.

3. Lobster: These gloves usually have two separate finger areas, one for the thumb and index finger and one for the other three fingers. This design provides better dexterity and control.

4. palm gloves: This glove design usually makes the palm part of the material thicker to provide better protection and grip.

5. fingerless gloves: these gloves have the finger portion cut off and are often used for activities that require finger dexterity, such as photography or operating smart devices.

6. Double-layer gloves: These gloves are usually made of two layers of material, with a warm inner layer and a waterproof outer layer.

7. 3-in-1 gloves: these are usually removable, so if you need dexterity, then you can take them apart and use them, and if you need warmth, then you can combine them

3.What are the functions of ski gloves

1. Warmth: usually use warm materials such as wool, fleece, fleece, etc. to keep your hands warm

2. Waterproof: usually use waterproof materials such as high-tech synthetic materials, Gore-Tex, etc., together with DWR, to avoid gloves absorbing water and penetration, so that the hands stay dry

3. Protection: usually use leather, plus reinforced patches to cover all high wear areas on the palm of the hand to increase the toughness and protection of the glove

4. Grip: usually thinner and less fluffy lining and insulation, specially tanned to obtain the best grip

5. Breathability: usually the opening will have velcro or zipper, relax a little to achieve the effect of breathability, usually high-end ski gloves with good breathability

4.How to choose warm ski gloves

1. Choose the right size, too large size will affect the warmth effect

2. Choose gloves that do not separate the fingers. The heat generated by the fingers together will increase

3. Choose ski gloves made of warm materials, such as fleece lining, highly insulating materials

4. Choose heated ski gloves, there are some self-heating gloves on the market, but slightly less flexible

5.How about ski gloves that are waterproof and breathable

It is best to choose gloves with high-end waterproof and breathable technology, and make sure the gloves can completely cover the hands to ensure that they stay dry and warm. Ski gloves are waterproof and breathable mainly refer to the following features.

1. Waterproof membranes, such as GORE-TEX, etc., can effectively prevent moisture from penetrating the inside of the glove. It also has some breathable properties so that the hands do not feel stuffy.

2. Coating: Some gloves use a special coating to improve waterproof performance. For example, a polyurethane coating provides water resistance and is very durable.

3. Sealing: Some high-end ski gloves use sealing technology, such as heat-sealed interfaces, to ensure that no moisture enters the interior of the glove. This technology prevents snowflakes or water droplets from penetrating the inside of the glove.

4. Breathable membrane: Breathable membrane technology allows sweat to evaporate from the inside of the glove, keeping the hands dry. This membrane usually has a microporous structure that allows air and moisture to pass through, but prevents water droplets from entering. gloves fall resistance and shock resistance how

In the skiing process, falls and collisions are inevitable, so ski gloves need to have a certain level of fall and shock resistance.

Fall resistance is usually related to the material and structure of the gloves. Some ski gloves use high-strength materials such as leather and polyamide fiber to provide better protection. Also, the structure of the glove needs to take into account the important parts of the hand, such as the palm and fingertips, by using thicker materials or adding a reinforced structure to enhance protection.

Shock resistance is mainly related to the padding and materials inside the glove. Some ski gloves use padding with cushioning properties, such as foam or gel, to reduce the impact on the hands during a collision. In addition, some ski gloves also use materials with energy-absorbing capabilities, such as TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane), which can effectively mitigate the damage to the hands during a collision.

7.Environmental protection and sustainability of ski gloves

As consumers become increasingly concerned about environmental protection and sustainability, ski glove manufacturers are becoming more environmentally conscious and sustainable.

Some ski glove manufacturers are beginning to use renewable and recycled materials to make gloves, such as using recycled polyester and organic cotton, as well as recycling waste such as used clothing to make gloves. In addition, some glove manufacturers are beginning to use more environmentally friendly production processes, such as using less water and chemicals.

In addition, some manufacturers of ski gloves are focusing on reducing packaging waste and minimizing negative impacts on the environment. They may use recyclable materials for their boxes and make efforts to reduce the amount of packaging used.

In summary, environmental protection and sustainability of ski gloves has become a growing concern for consumers, and manufacturers are beginning to take action to use more environmentally friendly materials and production processes, as well as to reduce negative environmental impacts.

8.How to choose the right ski gloves for you

Choosing the right ski gloves for you requires consideration of both style and size.

Style: Ski gloves come in a variety of styles and can be chosen based on your needs and personal preferences as well as the type of skiing you do.

Size: Picking the right size glove is quite important, the right size provides the best mobility, warmth and comfort. Gloves that are too large will reduce warmth and make it rather inconvenient for users to carry things, zipper up or adjust their snow gear. Gloves that are too small in size will limit the user’s mobility and may expose the wrist to cold air. The right size gloves, when the user is straight fingers, can leave about 0.5 cm of space in the fingertips, and when the user makes a fist, must ensure that the fingers are comfortable to fully bend, will not feel too tight or uncomfortable.

Even if the same size (XS, S, M, L, XL), based on the material, type, type, manufacturer and other factors, there will be more or less slight differences, so I recommend that you must check the brand or manufacturer’s size chart, measure and compare with your own hand size before making a purchase.

The size of gloves is usually measured by the circumference of the palm of the hand, and the size chart and the measurement of the circumference of the hand may vary slightly from country to country and from brand to brand.

9.How to clean ski gloves

1. Follow the directions on the glove label for washing.

2. The water temperature should be controlled below 35°C

3. Do not soak in detergent for a long time

4. Do not use bleach or softener. These may damage the glove material.

5. After cleaning the gloves, please make sure to rinse them well, do not let the cleaning agent remain in the gloves.

6. Wash the inner lining of the glove regularly to remove odors.

7. Do not put the gloves in wet places, so as not to breed bacteria.

10.Best ski glove brands and buying advice

There are many brands that offer high quality ski gloves. The following are some of the popular brands.


REUSCH is a brand that can not be ignored in the ski glove world, and its history has revolved around gloves since the first pair was made in 1934.

In addition to the use of Gore-Tex® fabrics and overlays, REUSCH ski gloves specialize in the development of their own glove membranes, including R-TEX®XT technology, which provides wind and moisture resistance and creates a light weight glove for a comfortable wearing experience.

The STORMBLOXX™ technology is pressed inside the outer layer, which can withstand the windy conditions on the downhill slopes and has good wind resistance.



BLACK DIAMOND has an outstanding reputation for mountaineering poles and ice climbing equipment, and belongs to the leading brand of mountaineering equipment.

BLACK DIAMOND GUIDE is often evaluated as one of the top three ski gloves, and is also BLACK DIAMOND’s signature ski glove. The use of a variety of warm materials, finger parts and foam padding, the overall very thick, good warmth



As a top outdoor brand, Arc’teryx carefully crafted every stitch in the early days of its founding. Its workmanship can be called the first-class in North America, and it is also a model for all outdoor brands.

The launch of four unisex ski gloves. The four gloves are all made of Gore-Tex® fabric, which guarantees basic waterproof performance, and the appearance is quite satisfactory. Each glove is marked with grams, which is convenient for professional skiers to accurately pack the weight.



BURTON is the leading ski snowboard brand, occupying 60% of the global snowboard industry, with snowboard products covering all categories such as freestyle and wild snowboard, and also collaborating with artists to launch limited edition snowboards every year. After more than 40 years of development, BURTON is not limited to the production of snowboards, but also bindings, boots, accessories and casual clothing.

BURTON ski gloves are more focused on the low end of the market, winning with cost effectiveness. In the use of materials and technology, some BURTON gloves choose waterproof and breathable DRYRIE Durashell™ 2L fabric to keep gloves dry and warm in cold weather.



Leki was founded in 1948 in Germany and has a great voice in skiing and mountaineering walking poles. The poles, shock absorbers and grips of the poles are constantly innovating and have been awarded several patents, and have been certified by TUV SÜD and CPSA, the only poles brand in the world to have received both certifications. Not only that, Leki has also made its mark in the field of gloves, and is known in the European market alongside Reusch and Hestra.



Ski gloves are an essential part of skiing, providing protection and support, keeping your hands warm and dry, and thus making skiing more comfortable and safe. When selecting and using ski gloves, pay attention to material, size and fit, waterproofing and breathability, and other special features. In addition, proper wear, care and storage of ski gloves are also key to maintaining their performance and longevity. We hope this article has provided you with useful information to make your skiing safer and more enjoyable.


Are leather gloves suitable for skiing?

Leather gloves are less breathable and easily absorb water, sweat will wet leather gloves and cause your fingers to feel cold, so it is recommended to use leather gloves in sunny and dry weather

Finger gloves are better than ski gloves?

Generally speaking, ski gloves are better for cold and wet weather conditions because they are waterproof and warm. One-finger gloves, on the other hand, are better suited for situations that require more dexterity in hand manipulation, such as photography or when you need to use devices such as cell phones. The choice of gloves should depend on your actual needs and the occasion of use.

Do you need waterproof gloves for skiing?

Yes, because when skiing, your hands are exposed to a lot of snow and moisture. If the gloves are not waterproof, the snow and water will penetrate the inside of the gloves and make your fingers feel wet and cold. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it can also lead to finger injuries or infections.

Are heated ski gloves worth it?

Heated ski gloves can provide better warmth, but they are more expensive. If you ski a lot in cold weather conditions or tend to get cold fingers, then choosing heated gloves may be a good choice. But if you only ski occasionally or don’t tend to feel cold fingers, then regular ski gloves can also meet your needs.

How ski gloves should be matched

When matching ski gloves, you need to consider the color and style of the gloves in coordination with other ski equipment. If you choose more brightly colored ski equipment, you can choose gloves with simpler colors so that the overall color is not too cumbersome.

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