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CAMEL CROWN Women’s Ski Jacket| Fashion And Warmth At The Same Time

Quick Guide: A quick look at the CAMEL CROWN Women’s Ski Jacket

Quick Guide

1. Made of high quality fabric, including fleece lining and waterproof and windproof shellt

2. With waterproof, windproof, warm and anti-static features

3. Three-in-one design that can adapt to different weather conditions

4. YKK two-way zipper, connecting button, elastic cuffs and hem drawstring design provide all-round windproof protection

5. Ideal for winter activities such as skiing, rock climbing, hiking, cycling, trekking, mountaineering, traveling, camping, etc.

The CAMEL CROWN Women’s 3-in-1 Ski Jacket is a versatile outdoor garment for rain, snow and winter outdoor activities. The waterproof material and fine detailing allow for flexible combinations according to weather and seasonal changes. It is perfect for climbing, hiking, climbing, traveling, skiing or everyday wear. There are many quality ski jackets on the market. Why do we recommend this ski jacket? Please read on with your questions!


CAMEL CROWN is a brand of outdoor sports goods established in 2005 in Guangdong, China. It is a large production enterprise integrating research and development, apparel design and high standard manufacturing. The product line covers apparel, footwear, bags and accessories for sports, outdoor activities and yoga and fitness. Quality materials, fashionable designs, competitive prices and a good reputation have made CAMEL CROWN’s products popular around the world.

Moreover, CAMEL CROWN represents the spirit of individuality, courage, perseverance and exploration, giving the products a different connotation.

CAMEL CROWN 2023 Best Women’s Ski Jacket

Women's Ski Jacket

CAMEL CROWN Women’s Ski Jacket Waterproof 3 in 1 Winter Jacket Windproof Warm Fleece Hooded Snowboard Mountain Snow Coat

Size S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL,XXXL multiple sizes, suitable for different body weight
Available in up to 11 colors to better match other colors of ski accessories
Made of military-grade Teflon material, with excellent waterproof and windproof effect
The outer shell is wind and water resistant, while the inner fleece jacket ensures warmth and can be adjusted to fit different weather conditions
The jacket is also designed with multiple pockets and a detachable adjustable hood, making it suitable for a variety of outdoor sports and everyday wear.


This CAMEL CROWN women’s ski jacket is made of high-density Teflon fabric with a professional windproof coating, designed for outdoor gear. The soft, breathable fleece lining is soft to the touch and anti-static, and the rocker fleece particles are full and dense, providing good warmth and long-lasting heat retention.


CAMEL CROWN women’s ski jacket ski jacket is made of professional waterproof fabric, the seams are treated with waterproof pressed glue process, the chest zipper is invisible waterproof zipper, fully sealed to prevent rain and stains from seeping inward. The waterproof index is 10,000mm, completely sealed to prevent water and stains from seeping in, allowing you to handle the outdoor stormy weather with ease.


1. The removable and adjustable hood with adjustable drawstring is removable and helmet compatible, so you can choose to use it according to the weather conditions.

2. YKK two-way zippers are durable, and buttons and Velcro help protect against wind.

3. Has removable 280g thickened fleece lining and shell with zippered 3-point interchange system

Design Style

1. appearance: three-dimensional beautiful, well-made

2. color scheme: up to 11 color schemes, there is always one for you

3. Details: sealed zipper, wool lining, elastic cuffs

4. Size: S,M,L,XL,XXL,XXXL,XXXL, suitable for different heights and weights

Amazon Product Reviews Share

1.This buyer was about to travel to Alaska and wanted to buy a ski jacket. After reading all the reviews of the CAMEL CROWN women’s ski jacket, she decided to order it. She ordered a size small based on the measurements in the size chart and the fit was perfect. She ordered the purple style and was very happy with it. The removable fleece jacket inside is very warm and the jacket is well made with a hood and has drawstrings to help protect against wind and rain. She now has the proper jacket and is looking forward to her trip.

2.This buyer’s comments indicate that she really likes this jacket from CAMEL CROWN Goods, including the soft comfort of the inner layer and the warmth and waterproof performance of the entire jacket in cold weather. She also mentioned that the color of the jacket was not quite as shown in the photos, but she still liked the color.

3. This buyer’s comments indicate that he really likes this jacket from CAMEL CROWN Goods and that it has been in good quality for the past three years. She mentions that there have been no tears or zipper issues and emphasizes that the jacket is warm and comfortable. She also admitted that she is not a photographer and therefore apologized for the quality of the photos.

Recommendations from the same collection

If you’re looking for a quality ski jacket, several items from CAMEL CROWN’s same collection are worth considering. These jackets all offer excellent warmth and water resistance to keep you dry and warm during the harsh winter months. In addition, they come in stylish and diverse designs to suit different personal styles and preferences.


Overall, this women’s 3-in-1 ski jacket from CAMEL CROWN is great performance, reliable outdoor apparel with great design and material, comfortable to wear, perfect for all kinds of winter outdoor activities, and relatively reasonably priced for purchase.

Questions & Answers

Is The Camel Crown Women’s Ski Jacket Suitable For Obese People?
This women’s ski jacket is available in sizes S,M,L,XL,XXL, XXXL, XXXL for people of different body types. But it also depends on the individual’s specific situation. If you are obese, we suggest you measure your body size first and then choose the right size according to CAMEL CROWN’s size chart. The loose-fitting design of the jacket also gives your body room to stretch and increase your comfort.
How To Wash The Camel Crown Ski Jacket
1. Wash the CAMEL CROWN ski jacket according to the washing label on the inside lining.
1. Make sure to remove all the items from the pockets before washing
2. Zip up the ski jacket to prevent deformation during washing.
3. Put the ski jacket in the washing machine and pour in the sports detergent for ski jackets.
4. Dry the jacket in a dark place after washing.
5. If the water resistance of the ski jacket is deteriorated, you can repaint it with a waterproof spray such as DWR.
In What Weather Conditions Is The Camel Crown Women’s Ski Jacket Suitable For Wearing?
The CAMEL CROWN Women’s Ski Jacket is suitable for wearing in colder weather conditions, such as winter and high altitude ski areas. However, in extreme weather conditions (such as heavy snowstorms, extremely cold temperatures, etc.), it is recommended to wear it with other warm clothing or professional ski equipment.
Is a 3-In-1 Jacket Suitable For Spring?
Yes, spring can be a time of varied climates, so you can wear an outer or inner layer or a combination of both as needed. If spring temperatures are more stable or dry, you may only need a single layer.

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