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CAMEL CROWN Vs.SKIVIGOR|Which Ski Jacket is Right for You

Quick Guide

1. Before buying a ski jacket, you need to understand your skiing environment, skill level, the type of jacket you need and budget constraints to better choose the right jacket for you.

2. CAMEL CROWN and SKIVIGOR are two cost-effective ski jacket brands, both of which are made of high-quality materials and have good waterproof, breathable and warm properties.

3. CAMEL CROWN ski jackets are simple and plain in appearance, but they have many practical functions and excellent warmth, with a breathability rating of 5k, a waterproof outer layer with a waterproof rating of 10k, and a warm wool inner layer.

4. SKIVIGOR ski jacket has a fashionable design style with a coordinated color scheme, a waterproof rating and a breathability rating of 15k, a high quality material, and a silk-cotton insulated padding lining for excellent warmth.

5. The waterproofness, breathability, warmth, feel and comfort, weight and compression, details and functionality of the ski jacket and price are all factors to consider. Choose a high quality ski jacket that meets your needs in order to enjoy skiing better.

With the popularity of skiing, more and more people are joining the ranks of skiing experience, and it is especially important for skiers to choose a high quality ski jacket. However, there are many ski jackets of varying quality in snow stores and e-commerce platforms, so it is especially important to choose an excellent ski jacket.

This article will compare brands, materials, waterproofness, breathability, warmth, feel, and comfort, weight and compression, details and functionality, and prices to provide you with a more comprehensive guide and help you make a more informed purchase decision.

Quick Comparison

CAMEL CROWN Vs. SKIVIGORSki Jacket Comparison
Waterproof and breathable rating and warmth rating
Feel and comfort
Weight and Compressibility
Details and Functionality


CAMEL CROWN is a brand that focuses on outdoor sports equipment, and the brand is positioned as mid- to high-end. Its ski jackets are known for their high quality waterproof, warm materials and excellent breathability, which can provide full protection and comfort for the wearer in harsh ski conditions.

SKIVIGOR is an emerging brand that specializes in selling ski jackets and outdoor equipment. Its brand is positioned to focus on providing high quality, high performance and high value outdoor equipment, pursuing the ultimate experience and comfort, with a price range at the mid-range level, featuring high quality materials with waterproof, breathable and warm features, and unique style designs that are in line with fashion trends.



CAMEL CROWN 3 in 1 Men’s Ski Jacket

This CAMEL CROWN ski jacket has a simple and uncomplicated design, but it has several practical functions and excellent warmth. It is equipped with an adjustable hood and a zippered front closure that allows you to freely adjust the fit as needed. The ski jacket is made of double-layer material with a breathability rating of 5k, a waterproof outer layer with a water resistance rating of 10k, and a warm fleece inner layer.

SKIVIGOR Unisex Insulated Ski Jacket

This SKIVIGOR ski jacket features a sleek design style with smooth lines and coordinated colors, making it stylish and versatile. With a waterproof rating and breathability rating of up to 15K, it keeps you dry and comfortable at all times, perfect for all kinds of harsh weather. The high collar and hood design improves weather resistance and provides better protection for your skiing in extremely cold conditions.


CAMEL CROWN ski jackets are made of Teflon for the outer layer, which provides excellent waterproofness and breathability. The inner layer is made of fleece, which provides excellent warmth. SKIVIGOR ski jackets are made of polyester fabric on the outer layer, which provides the same waterproofness and breathability. The inner lining is made of a comfortable fabric with silk-cotton insulated padding that provides good warmth.

Waterproof and breathable rating and warmth rating

Classic style
  • Waterproof rating 10k
  • Breathability rating 5k
  • With windproof shell and fleece lining
  • As the 3-in-1 style is a two-piece garment, it is not as breathable
  • Lined with wool, which is difficult to dry when wet
Fashion New
  • Waterproof rating 15k
  • Breathability rating 15k
  • Insulated with silk cotton liner
  • Non-removable inner lining
  • Not as warm as CAMEL CROWN’s fleece lining

Waterproof is the key feature of ski jackets, SKIVIGOR has a waterproof rating of 15k and a breathability rating of 15k, while CAMEL CROWN has a waterproof rating of 10k and a breathability rating of 5k

Warmth is another important element when choosing a ski jacket. Both brands use different warmth technologies, with CAMEL CROWN using a windproof shell and fleece lining, and SKIVIGOR using silk-cotton insulated padding. These materials both provide excellent warmth, but CAMEL CROWN fleece lining is lighter, thinner and softer, making the ski jacket lighter and more effective at keeping you warm.

Feel and comfort

The fit and feel of a ski jacket directly affects comfort, and both brands use ergonomic designs that take into account the comfort and freedom of the wearer. CAMEL CROWN ski jackets have a soft feel and comfortable lining fabric that provides excellent comfort, while SKIVIGOR ski jackets are made of lighter materials and silk-cotton insulated padding that provides better breathability.

Weight and Compressibility

For wearers who need to hike or climb for long periods of time, lightness and compressibility are also factors to consider.

SKIVIGOR ski jacket weighs about 1kg, which is relatively lighter and easier to compress, making it more portable.

CAMEL CROWN ski jacket weighs about 1.1kg and is relatively heavy because it has two pieces of clothing combined, making it less suitable for wearers who need to pack light.

Details and Functionality

CAMEL CROWN ski jackets are designed with multiple pockets for easy carrying and storage, as well as a removable anti-static fleece lining. SKIVIGOR ski jackets have some of these features, but are also equipped with many details such as adjustable cuffs, ski goggle storage pockets, and underarm breathable zippers for added practicality and convenience.

The CAMEL CROWN ski jacket has a detachable hood, two-way YKK zipper, lining fasteners and shrink cord
SKIVIGOR ski jacket has velcro cuffs, ski card storage pocket, underarm ventilation zipper, ski goggle storage pocket, retractable snow skirt, etc.


SKIVIGOR is a brand focused on outdoor sports equipment, its ski jacket price is relatively high, the price range in the mid-range level, about 70$ to 200$, but the quality and performance are very good. CAMEL CROWN is a more people-friendly brand. Its ski jacket price is relatively low, the price ranges between 50$ to 150$, but the quality and performance are also very good. Very good quality and performance.


In summary, both CAMEL CROWN and SKIVIGOR ski jackets have excellent performance in terms of waterproofness, breathability and warmth. However, since SKIVIGOR focuses more on innovation and fashionable design, its ski jackets are usually more expensive than CAMEL CROWN ski jackets, which may be a factor for some consumers to consider when purchasing. Of course, everyone’s needs and preferences are different, and consumers should choose the best ski jacket for them based on their actual needs and budget.

Questions & Answers

Which brand is better for extreme weather conditions?
Both brands offer ski jackets for extreme weather conditions, but CAMEL CROWN is known for its high quality insulation and waterproof materials.
Which brand offers better value for money?
SKIVIGOR jackets are generally more affordable and better looking than CAMEL CROWN jackets, but CAMEL CROWN jackets offer better quality and durability.
How do CAMEL CROWN and SKIVIGOR jackets compare in terms of style?
Both brands offer a range of stylish ski jackets, but CAMEL CROWN jackets are known for their classic and timeless designs, while SKIVIGOR jackets are more modern and stylish.
Which brand is more popular among professional skiers?
Both brands are popular among professional skiers, but CAMEL CROWN is favored for its high-performance features and durability.

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