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Buying Vs Renting Skis

Buying Vs Renting Skis——Quick Read Guide

  1. Expensive ski equipment is not worth it for short-term skiers.
  2. The advantages of renting skis are to save budget, to experience more snowboards, and to travel more conveniently; the disadvantage is that long-term rental is not worth it, and the performance of the boards may not be the best.
  3. The benefits of buying skis are more suitable for you, you can adapt to your board faster, you can customize the best binding and snow boots, and if you don’t want to ski, you can consider transferring them; the disadvantage is high cost.

Skiing is an expensive hobby. The dilemma for most people is whether to buy their ski equipment or just rent it at the resort. If you are a beginner skier or don’t practice the sport regularly, you may find yourself wondering whether to rent or buy. How much does it cost to rent skis? And how much does it cost to buy a set of skis? Is it really worth spending a fortune on a set of skis?

There are many factors to consider when deciding whether to buy or rent skis, such as the cost of the purchase, convenience, and even what kind of skis are appropriate for the resort’s terrain and your skiing skills. To answer these questions, we’ve written a beginner’s guide to skiing, and this article also lists the pros and cons of buying or renting skis, so let’s take a look at what’s below

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How much does it cost to rent or buy Ski equipment

The cost of renting Ski equipment is about $20–$50 per day, or $200–$500 per week. Interest rates may be higher or lower, but that is the average. By comparison, the cost of purchasing Ski equipment is $500–$1,000+ and clothing is $400–$1,000+.

Gore-Tex products are becoming increasingly popular among Skiers because of their high quality, safety and numerous other special effects that make them expensive. High-end Gore-Tex garments can cost $1,500 or more.

Advantages of renting Skis

  • A better choice for beginners

If this is your first time Skiing, renting Ski equipment is a better choice than buying. Because Skis are expensive, try them out before you buy and tell yourself if you really need them!

More importantly, beginner, intermediate and advanced Skiers have very different equipment requirements. This means that if you advance, the beginner Skis you bought at the beginning won’t be right for you, and you’ll need to buy new Skis for that.

It is also best for children to rent Skis, as children’s heights and weights change from year to year and it is important to choose Skis accordingly to ensure safety

  • More convenient travel

If you’re Skiing in a remote area, renting Skis can save you a lot of money or time – you just need to pack light!

If you take your Skis on the plane you will need to pay extra for checked baggage, and if you are traveling by car it is not convenient to carry your Skis, while if you are renting, there will be rental stores on the mountain and a wide variety of Skis

  • Try different brands and products

If you rent Ski equipment, then you can choose from different brands of different models

However, almost every rental store will grade the rental snow equipment, and the rental price will be higher or lower for different levels of snow equipment. Skiers should choose the corresponding level of snow equipment according to their own skating preferences and levels. If you are not sure of your level, you can communicate with the store, the store service staff will be more professional and should be able to give appropriate advice.


Disadvantages of renting Skis

  • Long-term leases can be expensive

renting Ski equipment is a good idea if you only vacation at a Ski resort for one week a year; however, if you go Skiing frequently, the cost of renting Skis will increase

While buying Skis means a higher upfront cost, in the end, the investment is worth it for the avid Skier.

  • rent

Although rental skis are professionally maintained, they still show a lot of signs of use and wear, and some ski accessories are older styles that you can’t easily use

Advantages of buying Skis

  • Make you progress fast

Having your own pair of Skis allows you to become proficient in Skiing and helps you improve your Skills faster

  • Can be personalized

You can customize your Skis, bindings, poles and boots to best fit your height, weight, Ski type and other preferences. Performance, safety and hygiene are best guaranteed with your own equipment

  • Can be transferred second-hand

When you need advanced advancement to or no longer need the Ski, you can transfer it second hand to someone who needs it, so you have enough money to buy new Skis

Disadvantages of buying Skis

  • High purchase cost

High cost of one-time purchase, if you have used a few times found that it does not suit you, you can only sell at a very low price to those who need it or give it to others

At the same time the store for used goods are not given returns and exchanges

When does it make sense to buy Ski equipment

You should only buy Ski equipment if you are absolutely certain that you will be Skiing a lot in the future.

Snow store rental notes

  • Newness of equipment

Regardless of which snow equipment rental agency, snow equipment is rented on a recurring basis. When renting equipment, look at the old and new degree of snow equipment, as snow equipment are consumables, if too old, the safety of the equipment will be reduced, rent a set of relatively new snow equipment, often safer and more reliable.

  • Define the level of snow equipment

Almost every rental store will grade the rental snow equipment, and the price of rental will be higher or lower for different levels of snow equipment. Skiers should choose the corresponding level of snow equipment according to their own skating preferences and levels. If you are not sure of your level, you can communicate with the store, the store service staff will be more professional and should be able to give appropriate advice.

  • Photo before use

As snow equipment inevitably wears out in use, and sometimes there will be accidental damage, when renting, it is best to carefully check the appearance of the snow equipment to see if there are scratches or damage, if so, to clarify whether the damage will affect the use, there are no safety hazards, and then take pictures to avoid unnecessary disputes when returning the snow equipment.

Are used Skis worth buying

Used Skis that have no bumps and bruises on the exterior and perform well are a good choice for beginners because they will be much cheaper, provided that you choose a used sales company with a warranty

There are several key factors to consider when purchasing used Skis.

  • Check the Skis for any signs of wear and rust.
  • Check the Skis carefully for scratches and gouges before you buy them, and if they are short and shallow, buy the Skis because you can repair them easily. If they are long or deep, or anywhere near the edge, don’t get them because such Skis are dangerous to use and the life span of such Skis is very short.
  • If the old Skis come with bindings, check if they need maintenance or adjustment, because everyone’s weight, height, shoe size, level, and skating needs are different, so when buying used Skis, tell the staff this information and let them adjust the bindings to the right value.


Overall, the average novice will choose to rent Skis, on the one hand to avoid some hassle, and on the other hand to try more different Skis so that they can choose the right one when they buy. While the higher level, Skiers who have been skating for a long time, you can consider buying your own Skis


How much should a beginner spend on Skis?

In most cases, the average price for a new pair of Skis is $400 – $1000. Of course, this doesn’t include other necessary equipment such as boots, bindings, poles and other accessories.

Are new Skis worth it?

buying a brand new pair of Skis can cost a lot of money, but properly maintained you can use them for many years, which can save you a lot of rent

How long do Skis last for?

According to Google, Skiers replace their Skis on average once every 8 years, but of course this is also related to the weight of the user, Skiing style and the level of maintenance of the Skis

Does your weight matter when buying Skis?

Weight is also a factor in deciding which Skis you want to buy.You should select shorter Skis if your weight is below the average for your height. Select longer Skis if your weight is higher than average.

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