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Best Waterproof Ski Jacket Mens

The winter ski season is finally here. How are you going to spend your day on the slopes? Finding the right ski jacket and other gear such as gloves, a helmet, goggles, and boots is another matter. Fortunately, the apparel side of the ski industry is booming. Innovations in design, waterproofing, and materials have created nearly limitless options for professionals, enthusiasts, and first-timers alike. In fact, there are so many great options that it can be overwhelming. But don’t worry, no matter which way you ski, technical shells are usually the best way to go. If this all makes your head spin, don’t worry. Here are 10 of the best waterproof ski jackets for men.

How To Choose The Best Men’s Waterproof Ski Jacket?

Types Of Jackets

There are usually three types of ski Jacket, shell, insulated, and triple jackets. The shell can be divided into hard shell and soft shell. The hard shell is windproof and waterproof, and can almost perfectly withstand harsh conditions, but it is not insulated and usually requires layering to provide warmth; the soft shell is a more versatile jacket, which is softer and can improve the skier’s flexibility and comfort, it can be worn as an intermediate layer in cold weather or as an outer layer in sunny weather, but it is not as Like the shell, it has a completely waterproof effect. Insulation is what keeps your body warm, and usually they are not waterproof, but are worn as an intermediate layer. Finally, the 3-in-1 basically combines the advantages of the other three types, while its own removability is also a unique highlight of the 3-in-1.

Do i need a waterproof ski jacket?

When skiing or in other outdoor sports, having a jacket that is waterproof is a must. A waterproof jacket will keep your body dry all day and protect you from bad weather, even when it is raining heavily. The best waterproof fabric is Gore-Tex, which is adopted by most outdoor brand companies and is very good in consumer feedback.

How is waterproofing in ski jackets measured?

The standard expression for waterproofing measures the amount of liquid (water, snow, rain, sleet) that can be suspended in a one-inch square tube in millimeters (mm) before the liquid begins to penetrate the fabric. This measurement tests general water resistance as well as performance under pressure.

This may seem a bit difficult and we may not generally be able to attempt it without being a professional tester, but we’ve got a more intuitive prediction.

0-5,000 MM waterproofing

The minimum protection for bad weather, able to maintain is dryness over a period of time, if it is wet for a long time, water may pass through your waterproof layer.

10,000 MM-15,000 MM waterproofing

The best choice for ski resorts, usually in this waterproof range, can be competent for all ski resorts, basically can guarantee you dry all day.

20,000 MM-plus

Extreme weather protection, the choice of professional skiers in remote ski areas, the highest waterproof can protect you against harsh conditions while still providing the best protection performance.

Top 10 Gore-tex Ski Jackets


Anyone who knows outdoor brands knows that ARC’TERYX has always been synonymous with high-end outdoor products, and as part of the Arc’teryx ski-specific line, the Sabre has a true-fitting freestyle fit and what most users want in a resort jacket: deep pit zippers, powder skirt, good pockets, and a helmet-compatible and easily adjustable hood.

Designed to meet remote conditions, this Sabre’s sturdy, breathable N80p-X 3L GORE-TEX fabric blocks wind and wet snow for weatherproof performance combined with practical breathability and bomber durability. This is the jacket men want. It’s simple; it looks sleek, isn’t over-engineered and comes with all the features you need for a versatile resort ski shell without feeling bulky. Its StormHood adjusts to maximize peripheral vision, and RECCO reflectors help in search situations. And it’s designed to move – with articulated graphics and a clean but unrestricted fit. Durable, versatile free-riding shell with weatherproof GORE-TEX protection.

2.Helly-Hansen Men’s Alpha LIFAloft Jacket

This is an excellent multi-purpose resort ski jacket that ticks all the boxes in terms of performance. With the addition of about 80 grams of insulation, you won’t get cold on the slopes even if you don’t wear a middle layer, and very importantly, it has a 20,000 mm waterproof and breathable rating. 20,000 mm waterproof is the best of almost all outdoor products and is basically capable of handling all harsh conditions, bringing you protection at all times, even in pouring rain.

3.Columbia Men’s Whirlibird Iv Interchange Jacket

This is one of the more cost effective ones, after all, who wouldn’t like to spend less money on a quality ski jacket? This ski jacket is a 3-in-1 design that features a waterproof and breathable shell and an internal windproof layer that can be worn alone or zipped together for extra protection against wet and cold weather. The shell is designed with tightly sealed seams to keep rain and wet snow out. Meanwhile, the inner jacket is made with our advanced Omni-HEAT technology, which combines a heat-reflective lining with our Thermarator insulation for maximum comfort and warmth.

Plus, there’s even a windproof skirt to keep snow out of the jacket on days when there’s particularly deep powder. All in all, this is a great value 3-in-1 jacket.

4.Outdoor Research Skytour AscentShell Jacket – Men’s

Designed for remote skiers and snowboarders, the waterproof Outdoor Research Skytour AscentShell Jacket has many of the performance details needed for challenging alpine hikes. The impressive 3-layer design stretches like a softshell, is extremely breathable and fully waterproof. Made with lighter materials to reduce weight and improve breathability, the fully functional, comfortable and breathable touring shell is great value for money. Importantly, the breathability is great – it’s perfectly suited to the field, with six pockets in total – and the interior is soft, moisture-wicking and very flexible. You’d be hard pressed to find a jacket better suited to staying cool and comfortable in the mountains.

5.Stormstride Jacket – Men’s

Designed specifically for backcountry skiing, the flexible waterproof jacket enhances movement and comfort for our backcountry skiing when zipped up with the Stormstride Jacket, without sacrificing waterproofness.This is Patagonia’s most lightweight and packable ski shell, making it the perfect option for the backcountry. The 3-layer H2No Performance laminate backs up this comfort with the waterproof coverage you would expect from Patagonia.The 3-layer laminate material seals in external moisture while easily releasing sweat. The triple-layer H2No fabric is stretchy and comfortable. While it’s not as stiff as some of the more waterproof membranes, this fabric is very breathable. stormstride can hang on storm skiing, but it also wicks well uphill.

6.Patagonia Mens Triolet Jacket

Born from tradition with a modern twist, the Patagonia Men’s Triolet Jacket is a mountain-focused, heavy-duty jacket that can handle heavy snow, gusty winds and pouring rain. 3-layer Gore-Tex construction features a waterproof, breathable membrane bonded between a rugged liner and a 100% recyclable, durable polyester shell, finished with a durable, water-resistant finish to further protect against wet weather. We love this jacket’s 3-layer, breathable, insulating and waterproof Gore-Tex fabric for your comfort and health.

The Triolet jacket is a masterpiece of alpine everything with features including helmet compatibility, two-way adjustable hood and laminate visor, traditional adjustable cord locks on the hood and hem, waterproof vent pit zippers and sorted pockets with waterproof zippers and zippered garage away from the harness and waistband; perfect for storing gloves and hats when the weather changes.

7.Outdoor Research

Stay warm and dry in the men’s Hemispheres Gore-Tex jacket from the Outdoor Research Hemispheres collection. With a lightweight Gore-Tex shell and DWR coating, this jacket is perfect for adventures outside the resort boundaries. The collection offers stretchable, waterproof garments that can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Whether you’re skiing on a snow-capped mountain or biking on a cold morning, this winter men’s jacket will serve as a protective layer to keep the cold wind off your body. Trusted waterproof GORE-TEX fabric with stretch technology makes this men’s ski jacket durable and reliable, perfect for chasing your powder dreams. Stretch fabric ensures unrestricted movement for maximum comfort.


This is the most unique men’s waterproof ski jacket on almost any list. It is a 3-in-1 design that you can choose how you wear it depending on the weather. The most prominent feature is the rugged weatherproof ThermoBall Eco shell, which is made of 100% recycled material, making it a most environmentally friendly choice, and it is crafted without sacrificing the jacket’s original warmth as well as its waterproofness. It stays warm and comfortable even when the outer layer is wet and does not allow water to seep in. In addition, it is completely windproof and can even be used as a stand-alone jacket in the spring or summer.

9.REI Co-op First Chair GTX Jacket – Men’s

Rugged 2-layer GORE-TEX technology provides premium waterproof/breathable protection with a water-resistant recycled polyester lining that slides smoothly in layers; the shell style design leaves room for an insulated jacket underneath so you can layer it. waterproof Gore-Tex material, soft-touch interior, and valuable feature-distribution pockets like a windproof skirt, pit zippers, and seven wells. Another nice touch is the emphasis on sustainability, with a recycled polyester lining that’s even more eco-friendly. While Gore’s 2-layer construction isn’t as impressive in terms of breathability, the First Chair is still a solid all-around choice, especially for vacation riders.

10.Rab Men’s Khroma Kinetic

Rab’s own Proflex fabric has the waterproofness of a hardshell, but with the stretch and breathability of a softshell, making this product stand out. Add in a roomy ventilation system, a ski helmet-compatible hood, and a fitted style that seamlessly accommodates all layers, and you have a versatile shell for any outdoor activity. Conveniently adjustable for temperature, two zippered arm vents vent excess heat, while two mesh-backed, harness-compatible Napoleon chest pockets double as vents to provide additional airflow when the temperature rises. It’s relatively inexpensive and can be considered as a first shell.

Final Thoughts

Good ski equipment is only a tool to assist you skiing, and can not directly bring your skiing skills to improve, to improve the skiing skills, you need to constantly hone yourself!


Can you ski in a waterproof jacket?

Normally, a waterproof rating of 10,000mm is enough to keep you dry on the slopes. If you are looking for something more advanced, you can try 15,000mm waterproof. Generally speaking, 20,000mm waterproof is already a professional level of waterproofing.

Are most ski jackets waterproof?

Yes, most ski jackets are waterproof. The shell and tricot series are usually very waterproof.

Is Gore-Tex best for skiing?

If you ski in wet conditions, Gore-Tex is good value for money. It is the best quality waterproof fabric on the market, and if properly cared for, it will last for years.

Is 5000 mm waterproof enough for skiing?

Generally speaking, at least 5,000mm of waterproofing is required to be suitable for skiing and snowboarding in cold but sunny conditions, especially if you like to take regular breaks.

How do I know if my ski jacket is waterproof?

Waterproof jackets will also feature taped seams and waterproof zippers. You can also determine if a jacket is waterproof by the fabric composition on the fabric care label. The fabric care label can be found on the inside seam of the jacket and will indicate if it is waterproof material.

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