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Arc’teryx Classic Replica Rush jacket

Founded in 1989 in Vancouver, Canada, Arcteryx is a Canadian outdoor apparel brand. Arcteryx designs and manufactures ski jackets, ski equipment and other products, and has grown to become a leading outdoor brand in North America and around the world, and is recognized as a top luxury brand.


About Arc’teryx

Some of Arc’teryx subsidiary products have been moved to New Zealand, Vietnam and China, but the company’s headquarters, design studio, and main production plant remain in Vancouver, where its products are used for climbing and hiking activities. Its headquarters, design studio, and main production line are in Vancouver. Due to its almost crazy pursuit of new technologies and techniques, the company has grown to be recognized as a leading outdoor brand in North America and the world in just over a decade, with a good range of products in the apparel and backpacking categories. Its products are mainly involved in hiking, climbing and snow sports

Arc’teryx is named after a 140 million year old creature, the Archaeopteryx. It made an evolutionary leap forward to escape the horizontal world of dinosaurs and developed the feathers for flight. Our logo is the fossil of that creature. At Arc’teryx, our highest ambition is to build the best product possible. Much like the Archaeopteryx making an evolutionary leap forward, we don’t focus on incremental advancements, but on radically improving the status quo.

Origin of skiing

Before skiing became a “sport”, it was only a mode of transportation invented in northern Russia and northern Europe for the convenience of going out in winter, not for the sake of speed, but to be able to walk on snow when traveling and hunting. Later, skiing gradually developed into a serious sport, more extended jumping, turning and other movement skills, but also joined the jumping platform and other play, so that people have to marvel at human creativity and the courage to conquer nature.

Whether it’s simply to enjoy the speed of riding on the snow or for social reasons, “camping in summer and skiing in winter” has become one of the most common lifestyles of urbanites, and has even become a trend that more and more people are taking part in. Even if people are in the south, they watch ski videos and documentaries on weekdays. At the beginning of the season, they travel to the north, where it is 20 to 30 degrees below zero, and excitedly jump into the natural snow to continue to refine the movements and techniques they have learned in the indoor ski slopes.

Is it worth buying expensive ski equipment

While honing skiing skills, the trendsetters in the skiing community also conduct in-depth research on equipment. Are the bindings right for you? How do the size and shape of snowshoes and skis meet their needs? Are there functionalities in the snowsuit that are considered for skiing habits? Can the snowsuit handle unexpected situations? Does the whole body look good and can be unique in the snow? …… Finally, the most realistic question will emerge: is it necessary to spend a lot of money on equipment for a season that lasts only a few months each year?

For beginners and first-timers, the answer may be no. But for people who have made skiing part of their lives, they will not hesitate to answer. But for people who have already incorporated skiing into their lives, they will not hesitate to answer you, the equipment is more expensive than safety is valuable. Like a ski suit,it looks simple, but there are many details for skiers and consideration. Its value lies more in the design and technology,which can make the skiing process easier, convenient and safe. When you go in the snow, you can really feel its protective role.

Skiing and fashion combined

Data source: Arc’teryx

Waiting for a ski holiday is a long process, which also gives us plenty of time to buy and organize ski equipment, and even wear them to create a ski dream. Based on this, NOWRE takes the concept of “Snow Mountain Dreamer” and brings the “snow mountain” to the urban interior, together with the classic Replica Rush jacket launched by Arc’teryx this year, to create a snow mountain dream world intertwined

The Arc’teryx Classic Replica Rush jacket is a reference to the brand’s previous classics, using deep black as the main color, embroidered logo on the chest, waterproof zipper and other details embellished with highly saturated red, yellow, blue and green, from the color scheme echoes the colors of the five Olympic rings.

The simple, yet striking color scheme makes the classic Rush jacket even more wearable, as both dark and bright colored items work together harmoniously, making it both functional and fashionable. At the same time, this color scheme makes it more visible in the snow and increases safety when skiing.

The Rush jacket is made of N80p-X and N100p-X 3L GORE-TEX Pro fabrics on the body and shoulders, respectively. This zoned, hard-wearing fabric can easily handle all kinds of skiing, as well as alpine snow conditions. No matter single board or double board, you can play a high level of action.

In terms of details, the Rush jacket still comes with a helmet-compatible StormHood™, which does not block the skiing line of sight; the arm zipper pocket is specially placed for snow cards, and it is easy to swipe the card to enter the gate; the WaterTight™ main zipper is quite waterproof, and at the same time light enough to reduce the load Underarm zippers can help quickly dissipate heat and avoid gathering moisture to cool the body; Slide’n Loc buckle-style elastic windproof snow skirt can effectively prevent snow powder from pouring in, reducing the discomfort of wet body and hypothermia. More importantly, the introduction of RECCO® technology can help ski enthusiasts get rescue faster when encountering difficulties in the wild snow.

Such meticulous humanized design comes from the experience of the Arc’teryx design team in the actual environment. Costume designer Brylee Geddis said, “The big philosophy I learned at Arc’teryx is: you have to design by doing, you can’t design a product without going to the place where the product is used.” Products designed by Arc’teryx Design Center will be sent to ARC’One factory for product and process testing to meet strict and perfect standards. Such a Rush jacket with both appearance and performance will be another equipment choice for high-level ski enthusiasts to challenge their limits and realize their skiing dreams.


It is certainly not advisable to buy ski equipment for socializing, comparing, or following the crowd. Of course, only after trial and error will you really understand what you need and what is suitable for you. In terms of technology and functionality, the Arc’teryx classic Rush jacket is undoubtedly a good choice to step up to the top level.


Is Arc’teryx better than Patagonia?

When it comes to shell jackets, there’s no arguing that Arc’teryx is a far superior product to Patagonia, and for other types of jackets, Arc’teryx is still a better choice than Patagonia from a performance-oriented perspective

Is Arc’teryx high end?

Arc’teryx is a Canadian high-end design company,founded in 1989 in the Canadian Coastal Mountains, is a high-end professional outdoor brand rooted in the mountains. In 1992, the company officially changed its name to Arc’teryx (Archaeopteryx), the company moved to British Columbia in the north of Vancouver, and created a revolutionary Vapor climbing seat belt. Focus on the pioneering concept of combining technology with fashion, and create a unique product style that stands out in the global outdoor field.

Why is Arc’teryxx so popular?

Arc’teryx was founded in 1989 and, over time, has established a reputation for its high-quality outdoor gear around the world.

Who is Arc’teryx owned by?

Anta Sports,Finnish retailer Amer Sports purchased Arc’teryx from Adidas in 2005 and retained the portfolio company after Chinese retailer Anta Sports took over Amer Sports in 2019

Is Arc’teryx made in China?

Except Alpha SV Men’s and Alpha SV Women’s, which are made in Canada; all Arc’teryx jackets are made in the Far East (Asia). It’s either Indonesia, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh or Myanmar.

Is Arc’teryx good quality?

Yes, the quality is very good and the price is high, but definitely worth the money

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