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Big and Tall?2023 Ultimate List of Big and Tall Ski Jackets

If you are not a conventional body type,such as small, large,Big and Tall,obese people, especially obese people, perhaps nine obese people have different body types, for this category of people, I can deeply feel the pain of shopping for clothing in the usual, like the style without the right size, buy the effect of wearing clothes and not the best, may be too tight, too loose, too long, all these various reasons will These are all reasons that can bother us. This is only in the selection of daily clothes, but what if I really choose ski jacket, this category is even smaller, how can I find the right Big and Tall ski jacket that can make me spend a pleasant day on the slopes?

Here, we recommend you 5 best big and tall mens ski jackets. They come in a variety of sizes, the largest up to 6XL, and sizes specifically designed for tall and large men; at the same time, they have excellent performance, waterproof, warm and breathable properties that will allow you to play all day on the slopes in extreme weather.

We also introduce you the reference of how to choose a ski jacket for tall people, after reading this article, you will also be able to find a ski jacket that suits you.

A brief understanding of ski wear

Skiing is a sport of extreme conditions and skiers are required to wear ski clothing to ensure that they are warm enough to maintain the basic needs of their bodies during skiing. In addition to keeping you warm, ski clothing can give you waterproof, windproof and more comfortable skiing.

Tall people usually have a difficult time choosing clothing, and ski jackets have high requirements for fit, so you can’t just wear them as you normally would.

5 Best Mens Big and Tall Ski Jackets

Here are the five best ski jacket recommended for tall respective men. You can choose with confidence or as a reference for your subsequent purchase.

1.Helly-Hansen Alpha 3.0

  • Suitable for: remote areas, hiking, resorts
  • Features: loose sizing options, highly waterproof and breathable, shell
  • Maximum size: 5XL
  • Cost: $475.00

The Alpha 3.0 Ski Jacket is an iconic performance ski jacket from the Helly Hansen brand, with Helly Tech Professional’s extremely waterproof and breathable design and construction; fully seam sealed with a durable water repellent (DWR) finish.

Ideal for extreme conditions to give you maximum waterproof protection as well as ease and flexibility, and the ability to maintain high performance in the best ski season for high oxygen, extremely wet or exceptionally long-lasting activities. Fitted technical clothing, even if you are a tall body type, wearing a lightweight middle and bottom layer can still allow you to maintain ski comfort.

2.Columbia Whirlibird Iv

  • Suitable for: ski resorts, hiking
  • Features: heat dissipation system, back powder skirt, waterproof, heat-reflective insulation, specialized plus-size specifications, three-in-one design
  • Maximum size: 6XL
  • Cost: $161.00

The Whirlibird Iv Classic Men’s 3-in-1 Ski Jacket is a versatile, multi-purpose winter jacket with a waterproof, breathable outer shell and an inner windproof layer that can be worn alone or zipped together for extra protection against wet and cold weather, and the shell is designed with tightly sealed seams to keep rain and wet snow out.

The inner jacket is made with our advanced Omni-HEAT™ technology, which combines a heat-reflective lining with our Thermarator™ insulation for maximum comfort and warmth. It provides you with maximum comfort in cold and wet conditions.

Also available in sizes designed for taller and larger people, so you can choose the perfect-fitting ski jacket.

3.Spyder Men’s Leader GTX

  • Suitable for: remote areas skiing, hiking
  • Features: GORE-TEX fabric, YKK waterproof zipper, waterproof, patchwork look, loose size selection
  • Maximum size: 3XL
  • Cost: $500.00

This superbly warm ski jacket is made with toast 100 grams of PrimaLoft Silver ECO insulation for continuous warmth throughout the winter ski season; 55% sustainable material for greater environmental awareness; and an outer layer of GORE-TEX fabric, DWR waterproof coating and stretch polyester plain weave 2L for more durability and can keep your body dry for a long time on cold slopes. The stretchy fabric and relaxed sizing also make it a good choice for tall and obese people.

4.Columbia Men Horizons

  • Suitable for: ski resorts, remote areas
  • Features: 3-in-1 design, waterproof shell, body heat management system, breathable, with special large size specifications
  • Maximum size: 6XL
  • Cost: $222.93

Whether it’s cold and wet on the slopes, mild and wet outdoors, or cold and dry on a daily basis in the city, this 3-in-1 ski jacket with its waterproof and breathable shell and insulated zippered lining will give you the best of all worlds.

The shell is made of Omni-TECH waterproof and breathable polyester shell for long sleeves to keep you dry in wet conditions. 80 grams of insulated inner jacket with my Omni-HEAT heat reflective lining gives you the perfect amount of warmth and comfort. Plus size and multi-color options are also available, so people of all sizes can find a jacket that suits them here.

5.THE NORTH FACE Lone Peak Monte Bre Triclimate 2

  • Suitable for: ski resorts, hiking
  • Features: 3-in-1 system, warmth, inner jacket recycled insulation, large size selection
  • Maximum size: 3XL
  • Cost: $214.00

This 3-in-1 jacket from THE NORTH FACE combines the warmth and comfort of a thermal inner jacket with a waterproof and windproof DryVent shell. Wear the jacket and inner jacket for excellent warmth and wet weather protection. Wear the inner jacket on cold, dry days and the outer jacket on warm, wet days. Featuring DryVent technology and a durable water repellent (DWR) finish to create a waterproof, windproof and breathable shell, while the inner jacket is made with 100 grams of Heatseeker Eco recycled insulation, wet weather keeps you warm while being more environmentally conscious. A generous sizing of up to 3XL also provides options for most body types.

How to Choose Mens Big and Tall Ski Jacket

Big and tall people who are struggling to find a ski jackets now iss not the time to end, you also need to consider these influencing factors.

1. The fit of the size

because it is a specific body type, it is important to make sure that the size you choose fits before you start choosing, to ensure a comfortable fit and that the jacket covers your body and arms perfectly.

The final size you choose should not be too tight, as your movements will be constrained and you will not be able to move your body well; but it should not be too loose either, as a size that is too loose may cause the wind to blow into your body through the gaps; a jacket that is not too loose and not too tight will be able to meet your flexibility on the slopes and still bring the best performance.

Heated elements: Taller people may feel the cold more easily, so you may need a ski jacket with heated elements to help keep your body warm.

2. Waterproof rating

The wet conditions on the snow will cause your outer jacket to become wet, and if your outer layer is not waterproof, it may be a short time before your insulation loses its effect and your body heat will be lost quickly and not be able to sustain your warmth.

3. Insulation effect

Without enough warmth you will shiver in the cold wind and not be able to quickly get into the best condition for skiing on the slopes; with a layer of insulation it is different, it can lock the heat in your body so that you can maintain your body temperature at all times, even when skiing on the slopes, it has a good breathable effect and will not make you too hot due to the intense movement. too hot. Common insulation materials are wool or synthetic fibers.

4. Other functions

In addition to the three main points above, there are actually many details, such as: bright colors, snow-proof powder skirt, ventilated recessed zipper, durability, etc.

Final Thoughts

Of course, it will certainly help you the most with your size selection if you can try them on in an offline store. All in all, I hope this article will be helpful to tall people and reduce your troubles in choosing mens big and tall ski jackets.


Should ski jackets be a size larger?

The fit of your ski jacket is very important, it has a big impact on your flexibility. If you are buying a layered shell you can choose a larger size as it may require a thicker middle layer on the inside, so you need to leave enough room for it.

What length jacket is best for skiing?

The length of the jacket is usually not a hard and fast requirement, but of course, if you are pursuing skiing that is not called professional, you can differentiate by the type of skiing. Snowboarding is a sport of extreme speed, so a tighter and shorter jacket will allow you to play better, while snowboarding is mainly about showing off your skills and the fact that your hips may often need to be in contact with the ground, so you need a looser jacket with a length that reaches the lower center of your hips.

Do you need a thick jacket for skiing?

Skiing is done in harsh conditions and requires you to wear a warm jacket to keep your body warm for a long time, and a jacket is a good choice. Insulated ski jackets provide excellent protection from wind and rain while allowing you to get maximum warmth in cold conditions.

What do you wear to a plus size snow?

It is important to choose the right clothing and equipment for skiing in the snow, as you need to maintain your body temperature and protect yourself from the elements. Skiing equipment: ski jacket, warm middle layer, inner layer, ski pants, warm pants, bottom layer, snow socks, gloves, goggles, face mask, etc.

Should ski jackets be tight or loose?

Ski jackets need to fit better. A tight fitting jacket will provide you with maximum warmth and play a big role in snow and wind protection. And it will not affect your skiing movements, allowing you to ski more comfortably and flexibly.

Can you be plus size and ski?

If you are looking for a plus size ski jacket, or other equipment, you can find the five styles I recommend in the article, they can reach up to 6XL, basically to meet the needs of large size people.

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